Symbiotic Society

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Generalized overview of the proposed gaming LLC to be launched in 2014 to be used to launch a Social Research & Development section devoted to initiating the creation of the Symbiotic Contractual Society:

1) Vow to dedicate 90% of profits (after taxes) to the dedication of hiring, training and creating jobs.  
2) All employees with any form of contract (K) with LLC will have duty of voting on what direction needs to be pursued in order to acquire payment. Voting will be a simple decision so they can get their check and move on with their day.
3) Provide paid training in as many levels as possible.
4) Create service oriented businesses for the poor/lower class at 1% over cost to run establishment.  Officers of LLC do not get paid for this amount.  The 1% will be for taxes and return to the expansion of LLC.
5) To create the jobs/paid training, the LLC vows to devote 90% of profits into the Research & Development of the Evolution of Society.
6) 1.6% of initial profits (based upon QTR) per 5 officers, 2% dedicated to the business in growth/expansion.  No salary of any officer will exceed one million USD. No matter the success. Excess will be sent into SR&D (point 9).
7) QTR sales of game/app will dictate what programs will be launched, how many people are paid for training and how many employees (indep(K) based) for the next quarter/year.
8) Employees vote become the 6th officer for voting purposes.  CEO votes last.
9) In reference to (1): 
    A) SR&D: Social Research & Development - dedicated to creating trained workforce and any technology that will help speed up the process of creating the Symbiotic Contractual Society.
    B) All training is paid training.  
    C) Create experimental social contracts with local businesses to allow free employees to donate time for work experience 
    D) One free employee per actual full time employee.  For pure part time businesses (like seasonal) then one free employee per paid employee
    E) Company cannot use free workforce in place of paid workforce
    F) Modular housing, indoor hydroponic closets, beautiful architecture, solar/wind/experimental energy, near perfect energy usage (avoid waste) are sample areas that SR&D will be pursuing
10) Goal of SR&D department is to create foundation for a composite built structure that is aesthetically pleasing while producing energy/food/healthcare/education/workforce for host city
11) Important that taxes are paid at maximum without complaint/loophole.  35% profits will be designated for taxes.
12) target of SR&D (reason for 90%) is to create a proof of concept for the Symbiotic Contractual Society.
13) Host city will receive employment training/contracts until set employees have been hired based upon current unemployment statistics. Once reached a new city must be found.

More as we grow.

Expected complications:
If anyone who reads this has insight or even a crazy idea on what could possibly be a solution to any of the following then please email us at RE: Symbiotic Society
Note: "problems" are just events that are lacking the proper influence.  Some create solutions some create problems.  Discovering how to circumvent or the origination of a problem is key.  All information is knowledge and all knowledge is useful knowledge.  Never be afraid to posit "What if..."

Possible problems
Isolated problems or a generalized "must accomplish" before things can start:

1) Need people to collaborate on creating a constitutional contract between workers and the host society.  
2) Need an original constitutional contract to verify that this society has merit.
3) Need the wording in such a way that it is impossible for:
    A) no one person decides for the whole
    B) Host society does not dictate actions of symbiotic society
    C)Symbiotic society has no power in political terms in regards to host society.  What host society does is up to that society
    D) Symbiotic Contractual Society (SCS) needs to be concerned only with areas that sustain any society: Health, education, protection (internal: police/firefighters/EMT's), infrastructure and emergency disaster relief (like Katrina for example).  Job of SCS is to solve problems in only the areas responsible for the well being of host society.  
    E) Host society cannot force individuals under contract with SCS to violate the SCS contract in anyway shape or form.
F) SCS has nothing to do with market, free market or any financial profit mentality. 
4) SCS needs to have a resource limit on what contracts are allowed to be picked up by individuals living in host society.  If certain financial status has been achieved they are no longer eligible for contracts.  
5) SCS is designed to start at the bottom of the financial status and work to the cut off point. Homeless on up to perhaps cut off point for food stamps (just an example).
6) SCS provides cost of living needs instead of cash.  Place to live, education for children, medical care and food in exchange for services rendered.  Cash payments will be minimal but without any cost of living expenses that should be immediate disposable income or a way to get individual back on their feet.
7) Wording of the SCS constitution must be short, easy to understand and once recognized by a nation - not open to changes by host society.
8) Monthly benefits/payments will be given by contract(s) finished along with monthly voting responsibilities.  Voting on what direction of what problem is most important is a duty of contract holders.  Not open for discussion.
9) Host society has absolutely no say on what laws are made by SCS as long as they do not violate criminal laws relating to theft/murder/other heinous crimes against society.  Laws that reflect perception of individuals are not enforceable. This will include medicinal use of whatever plants nature has provided us. 

(last changed 10/8/13)

Expected launch date: July 31, 2014