HYBP games

In order to provide that ever so needed proof of concept, HYBP games will be created for one purpose only: To hemorrhage profits out into independent contracts designed to put cash in the hands of the poor.  The lower on the economic ladder the better.  As each stage is agreed upon by the founders of this company, the updates will be posted here until we get a dedicated web page.

(IK) = Independent Contracts

(IK) for small amounts that can have an impact for basic manual labor work around neighborhoods.  As long as the (IK) conditions are met they get paid.  The amount will be respectful for the person & generally more than what that particular job is worth.  

(IK) will include more basic needs as form of payment.  Removing the cost of living while giving some money that is designed to be spent.  

(IK) for workers that have proven themselves - place to live with food/utility budget (pre-paid to local farmers markets or power companies for example)

Continuation of this direction until the games sold is enough to purchase property.  Once property has been acquired then the stage is set to provide room/board/spending money for working on a more extensive (IK) {like a 5-10yr IK) to act as a regional manager}

Ultimate goal: 
Provide room/board, all utilities, education, health care and retirement options for "life (IK)".  To the point that if someone who grew up in this system pledges to study an area sorely needed (doctors, engineers, teachers, etc) then even college is provided in exchange for (IK).

Main point:
Greed will be removed from the picture.  The business is solely there to provide (IK) for the poor.  Modest living is the goal.  Removing the cost of living where possible.
Creators of the HYBP Games will have written in their (K) at what point they leave the company after training their replacement.  There is no need for any one person to have that much money.  We (the founders) all have our life dreams that are attainable.  Once we hit those points we start looking for replacements.  Replacements will also have a life dream (K). Once they hit that mark they in turn will look for their replacement.
The company needs to run from it's Business Constitution.  Human factor shall be removed.  Once the final stage has been attained then pure maintenance of the (IK) is all the business is there to provide.

All of this was created by listening to gamers.

"The rich will get richer while the poor will no longer care" - DJG