Apparently the direct email link has been causing problems with some people.  This I have no idea as to the 'why'.  So if you truly want to go down in history as one of the people who stood up and said "Enough. I am going to help." then just remember the email I guess.  Pretty easy to remember: nomorelies and hybponline.com (Hurt Your Brain Publications).  So there ya have it.  Looking forward to hearing from people!
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October 16th, 2011
I get this reaction a lot when I explain what could be possible.  The "what can I do about it?" look/reaction.  The amount of tiny detail work that is needed to speed up this undertaking is tremendous at best.  If you are like me and just being out of a chair is a big day then your internet is probably your greatest tool against watching TV.  What if there was a list people could look up with sites to start looking for whatever statistic that is needed.  Sometimes being able to see the overlaps helps in making a solid start to any goal.  Designing the objectives to attain that goal will be just as steep of a climb as will be designing a win:win set of rules that can be set in constitutional stone.
A Declaration of Choice if it so pleases anyone.  I also believe that everyone that votes for this change should be treated as a signee.  Their names should go down in the history shouldn't they?  If we are to prove that a way for us to co-operate truly can exist and be profitable then why not at least see what parts have merit.
I say this because everyone (yes the few people I do run into are from all walks of life) that I have the chance to explain a possible direction to create a solution has said the same thing.  "Huh.  I'd vote for you."  That is right after they do that little head lean as they ponder a few moves ahead like you do in chess. 
What I want is for a plan to develope.  A plan that can create symbiotic form of governing a nations workforce.  Yes I said symbiotic.  I want people to change the reaction of "I'd vote for you" to "I'd vote for that." once the plan has the best possible starting point.  And yet another area that needs help and guidance.
That is what I believe we need.  Not the entire thing in every detail.  The details are great in number but they can slow down the speed of your machine.  What needs to be set in place is as clear of a definition of what we want to attain in areas of vital importance for any nation.  Once you can see where you want to go you can set a destination.  Creating the best event possible to produce the highest chance of unprecedented success in the advancement to the next objective.  In a nut shell - knowing the best spot to start is insanely important.  More of this in my speech.
I am hoping you can see that all I am looking for is a chance to discuss this idea and see what that spawns.  I don't see the harm to hear from every walk of life who is interested in actually having a choice but live a much better life. 
The rich will get richer and the poor will no longer care.  Think about it but don't sit on your hands!  My email link through this site but not like that is a big deal anymore with the number of computer savvy people.  Just assume it didn't work and do it the better way! 
David "DJ" Ginn
October 14, 2011
Occupy Wall Street?
After reading an article on indychannel.com about the lack of focus for the "movement", I must concur on that point.  But unfortunately these experts have us (the people) convinced that we need a single individual to rectify all the problems.  Lack of focus, unclear message, etc., etc.
I say that is wrong.  The problem with just one person being the focal point is that you have becomne a copy of the parties that have destroyed this country.  A singular mission is needed - absolutely.  A singular purpose - most definitely.  A singular goal with clearly designed objectives - of the utmost importance.  But a single person? 
What if we treated the plan as the focus?  What if the common end goal is the driving factor in all of the decisions?  What if this goal (and all the objectives therein) could be achieved for free?  What if the final solution actually repaired our countries main problems with the people AND eventually produced a workforce that is unrivalled in the world?  Not even the countries that have more people than us would be able to compare to the quality, quantity and pricing we could provide as a country.
So to all the people who are upset and wanting a change:
How far are you willing to go?
How much pain will you endure before you have had enough?
Would you be willing to make a stand that is historical in nature?  And unparalleled in all the "experts" opinions?  I use quotes on the experts because theory is fine but making anything happens takes a decision and willingness to work.  Not listen or talk.  But simple work.
If there was a way for the rich to get richer and the poor no longer cared - would you be interested?
If there was a way to co-exists altruism with greed - would you be open minded enough to listen first decide later?
What we need then is an evolution - not a revolution.  I am afraid if something sin't done soon then the revolution part will be the only option for our country.  This is not some doomsday prophecy.  Just the fact that our country has been doing the same system for over 200 years.  Look at the history of any society.  After 200 years of decline - what tends to happen?  Yes 200 years of decline.  We were warned by our forefathers to NOT have only a two party system.  But with the electoral college (a waste of time and manpower), republicans vs democrats and the states violating your constitutional rights to be voted with their ballot laws - it is only a matter of time before something (or worse: someone) snaps.
Is this a hippy utopia dream?  Like hell.  This is going to take work and serious determination from the people.  Can we get along as a race?  Highly doubtful.  Can we exist only with a free market system?  Why don't you check the world poverty statistics and ask that question again. 
And what if this can all happen peacefully as possible.  What if all you had to do was do more than make a sign and show up to protest?  What if all you had to do was sign one piece of paper and vote for the option?  Not the person - but the plan.  Are you willing to actually make a difference for the future of our country?
Remember - if you sit on your hands - you can't point any fingers.  We allowed this mess to develope and spiral out of control.  Yes we did.  We have the power to change things yet no one thinks they are "worthy."  The Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence afford us the power tocreate the change we need.  It is a simple thing that has been hidden in layers of politicians convincing us that only the few should have the power over the many.  Then we get all shocked when the country goes down the drain. 
So if you are sick of it - then I do want to speak to you.  If you are willing to stand up and be noticed then I need to have you help in the form of a signature.  If you are curious how the rich will get richer while the poor no longer care then you are exactly the person I need to hear this plan.  So far every person starts off saying/thinking Utopia/Hippy throwback BUT they all end saying the same thing: "I'd vote for you."  See why they have all (and I mean ALL) said the same thing over and over. 
But all in all - I just need some easy things:
A place to speak - all video/phones encouraged!  More we get this out the better!
50+ people in attendance - the more the better.
Zero costs - not one dime will be paid or earned from this movement.  This is not about greed - this is about us changing our country so we can be safe when the greed destroys the economy again and again. 
If you have questions and want a sneak peek then feel free to use any of the aforementioned emails for initial contact. 
And for those who can not fathom why I am doing this:  Just keep in mind that everyday Iwake up could be my last day.  I am not doing this for the money.  I will earn my keep but something has to change to protect our lineage from being economical slaves. 
The ripple effect of a symbiotic branch of society with it's own rules of government can be beneficial beyond the dreams of avarice.  And for the workers - imagine having a fantastic quality of life and not one care in the world.  Would that be worth a few minutes of your time?
Let me know - nothing will happen until someone else decides to help.  My ailments prevent me from leaving my chair most days so I do need help getting this idea out and seeing how many people have the same feeling. 
I also want to see how many people percentage wise end up saying "I'd vote for that plan."  Longer you think about it the worse things get.  Up to you - I am willing to be the target since no one else is.  But I will not be the target unless I know people are willing to stand beside me throughout this endeavor.
I do believe my overzealousness has spoken more from my point of view than the direction I think would do the most good.
Guess now that I have that all out of my system and kids are in school, much easier to get back to the task at hand.  Objective #1: initiate discussions with everyone who wants to help.  I believe all walks of life are important for attaining wisdom.  Right now wisdom needs to prevail over people who say they are the smart ones.  Ever work in a factory long enough and have the new manager come in and try and tell you how to do your job?  And then it only made things worse because they didn't listen to your advice?  And who do they look to for a solution when it finally breaks?  Always us.  If you can answer those questions and know that feeling - then you are the one I want to talk to.  If you are the one that we are talking about - I still want to talk to you.  Knowledge is needed and we need to know what can be done to isolate our workforce from the effects of global economic failure. 
One question always bugs me but others seem always distracted.  If the global economy is in the toilet - and everyone is in debt, who has that money?  Can not be in debt unless you owe that money and have spent it.  So if it is spent - where is it?  That is not a good sign and I just want to show a way for the rich to get richer and the poor will no longer care.
Hell if this works we'll feed you money just so we can watch you fight over it.  Rich will get richer and poor won't care.  Think about it please?
July 10, 2011 -  googlesite acting up - will post later when it behaves
July 5th, 2011
Sorry for the break there - but summer time means kids take more attention than a daily blog.  I do have a few things we need to get people talking about because it is really starting to be a hindrance than any improvement. Along with some attitudes that are in serious need of adjustment.
OK - let's start off with one of the DUMBEST damn things I have seen people get riled up about.  A word.  A word that by definition - well there is no real definition since the word in reality - never existed.
The dreaded "N" word.  No I will not stoop to using it to draw attention to myself.  Too many people do that already.  In all it's forms and variations.  I think it's time a few people really understand what they are getting all riled up over.  Don't worry, all you people who think I don't understand the "hatred" of such a horrible word.  There is immense sarcasm dripping here by the way.  Let's agree I do not know you and you do not know me.  What I do know is the English language and some interesting points in history.  Right now it's a word.  Later today or whenever - we will discuss some atrocities and who is really to blame for them.  So maybe people will shut up and just get to work fixing this country.
Let's look at this word some more shall we?    A word does not have emotion.  Hatred.  Love. Anything.  It is an utterance of sounds that we use to communicate ideas.  So where does such a word come from?  Why does it exist?  It exists because of some backwater, inbred, moronic, superior attitude toward others DUMB ASS could not pronounce a foreign language properly.  Slavers (1) that lived here were just lazy people who were too greedy.  No matter what people wish to be called, it is important that the Spanish of the day was a very dominant language.   And what is black in spanish?  Negro or negra.  It is a simple descriptive word of color.  That is all THAT word can be.  BUt if you have heard proper "olden times" Spanish - they can roll their "R's" like it's a contest.
And these lazy ass slavers who did the purchasing couldn't get to the O or the A in negro/negra.  Leaving a pronunciation that stopped at negr.  Since rolling an R was too hard to begin with guess it is time to say it is a new word?  Just because someone is too stupid to pursue education does not give people the right to create a new language when we can't COMMUNICATE PROPERLY with the one we have?  Fo shizzle huh?
So the word that represents so much "hatred" is a word that has truly never existed.  This word everyone gets riled up over is just a word that never truly existed in the first place.  Never truly existed.  "But it's in...."  Seriously?  Just because some white guy added it into their dictionary makes it an official word?  Really?  A word that was mispronounced and therefore spelled creatively.  A word that some family-tree-does-not-fork-lazy-ass-slaver tried to justify his stupidity by spelling and using the word.  Yes it has been entrenched in society.  Yes it has caused problems.  Yes it is everywhere now.  You are giving it power so therefore it has power.
Want the word to be meaningless?
1) Stop using it
2) Realize ANY form of the word conveys the stupidity of the individual using that word
3) Pity the person that has to use it for attention - they are in desperate need of proper education apparently
4) Every time you hear this word - look at who was doing the speaking.  That person's face needs to go in your "One of them" file in your memory.  A decional moron basically.
This does bring me another point that I must continue on:
Slavery itself and blaming Americans.
Heard the figure "400 years of slavery" for quite awhile.  So I will just roll with it since slavery is STILL going on today but no one seems to really care since it is in another part of the world.  Guess slavery is only touchy if it gets you something if you complain long enough. 
Am I downgrading slavery? Quite the opposite.  I just have little respect for hypocrites.  Hate slavery? Then end it worldwide.  Not going to end it world wide? Then shut up.  And yes I am forcing myself to be this polite.  Either do something about or deal with said problem.  But I digress....
Our country just celebrated it's 235th birthday last night.  235 years old and we are just toddlers in societies that still exist.  But wait - why am I one of the people that see 400 is bigger than 235?  Does that mean slavery started BEFORE there was a United States of America?  You mean the government that ALLOWED slavery to exits for the previous 165 years was not the USA?  You mean mama England might have some shared responsibility in this act?  If you want to read some interesting things - read about England and the south during the Civil War.  Just read the political side, communications discovered and so on.  You might be very shocked to discover that the USA actually ended slavery.  Not started it.  Look at how quick in the time line we went from having slavery to: abolishing to the civil rights to high paid public figures to some of the wealthiest people on the planet (hey Oprah, MJ and Tiger pay attention) finally to a president.  In a drop in the bucket of time ther have been tremendous strides and freedoms.
Why does this annoy me?  because being white, American and male - I am the trifecta of evil on this planet and get blamed for sh!t.  You do know I was not bron until 1967 right?  Or do you even care that my family line didn't even originate until 1783.  Slavery was already established wasn't it?  And once here my family made the fastest beeline ever to the west.  Some even decided to live on some native American reservations (oh yes we will talk about this atrocity to the Native Americans some day - mark my words).  Point being: my family got away from all you morons and slavery.  If anyone can look you dead in the eye and be honest when they say 'So?" - it's me.  And most of my bloodline.  I wonder how many reparations were asked of the countries responsible for the boats that brought the slaves here.  I wonder if any of the rival tribes that helped capture rival tribes were ever brought to justice.  Apparently being sold out by a tribe is ok. 
So I did not start slavery, I can pronounce foreign languages (Spanish, French, german and Russain so far- not fluent but not ignorant either) and I believe we all are the same genetic line.   I have yet  to understand this "greater than you" feeling people get/emit. 
So when you look at me and see:white-male-American, you have made an assumption.  You have catagorized me first haven't you?  And if you have - do you know what that makes you?
I'll let you answer that one.  I need to go before kids wake up from a long night of fireworks.
 *1 yes the NETWORK of people RESPONSIBLE for slavery - slavers in the beginning were the ones generally needing/wanting slaves to build their cities - so slavery as a "resource" has been around for ages  in case people have forgotten.  Wasn't like it was invented 500 years ago.   How about the utter genocide of at least 3 cultures?
June 23, 2011
Finally have a part time "job."  Mainly help train people.  But also is offering a way to introduce this system inside an existing corporation structure.  Quite exciting I must say.  I know the system will work, I just need to understand more on what it needs to be started. 
On a non-let's-save-the-country note:
To sum up most of my days as a stay at home dad.
Both kids are grounded for the summer.  They are in a earn that reward moment of being grounded.  Instead of getting all sorts of great things and times they have to prove they can be trusted (my oldest) and pay attention (my youngest).  So yesterday they were back to being grounded after earning an amazing 3 days off for being good.  3 days off erased everything they had daily reminders of for weeks.  So in one walk of the hallway I chatted and helped my oldest to understand what he did and why he did it.  Esoteric I know but if you have kids it is all you need to know probably.  He gave me one of his paradigm shifting "huh!" - so I knew I was on the right track to make him understand.  I walked down the hall and had to go grab a clorox wipe because my youngest got nored hunting for the bug she saw and started hugging the fly swatter.  Her room is in a constant state of emergency yet she freaks out over a bug.  I tried to get her to understand if you do not like those bugs then keep your room cleaner.  The bugs like living in here because of all the places to hide.  You live here.  You live with bugs.  And all I got from her was the blankest damn look I have ever seen.  She had absolutely no clue what I was talking about.  I cleaned her face, told them both to stay in their rooms and I took a nap.
June 7, 2011
Let's re-iterate some things fo rthe people too busy to read all the way to the beginning of these blogs:
This is to prove a point that the system is broken.  But the only way to prove the system is broken is to design a blueprint of how to re-oragnize the government branches so they work more efficiently.  This will make the job of finding the correct people somewhat easier.  And yes - that is what I want your votes for:  the system.  I will not ask anyone to blindly trust me.  That would be a foolish hope.  I swore an oath to tell the truth after my friend died oh so many years ago.  I have also determined that people in today's society just can not deal with someone who is pragmatic and honest.  What have we become? 
Many people say they are honest but they are being honest to a few people but not themselves.  You must be honest with yourself first before you can be honest with others.  How can you expect people to believe you when you say you want to do the right thing or hate the injustice in the world.  yet you don't do anything more than just talk.  If actions speak louder than words - I must say you are being fals with yourself.  "But I donate..." Sorry not good enough.  14 trillion in debt.  This is not the time to sit around and wonder who ELSE is going to fix this mess.  We allowed it to happen so it is up to us to start the mending process.
Will this work?  It doesn't have a choice - it has to work.  The only option we have is somehting new to protect what is vital.
Why 2 years?  Just enough time to pi$$ our politicians and "press" (I use quotations because it is more about corporate ratings and commercial revenues than it is about seeking the truth).  1 year will be to listen to as many world leaders as we can.  During which congress will have a very simple job: to make this plan happen.  BY the end of the first year - they have one more year to straighten things up or the president will have to use the power given by the constitution to put a halt to everything.  It doesn't work anymore so why let it continue?
If things go well - be sure to have a great VP since a full term is rather ridiculous.  If someone needs 4 years to get very little done then it is just a waste of time.  There will not be a second term for me.  I do not wish one.  I do not even wish a full 4 year term.  I also think the president and congressmen/politicians are paid way too much money so I would lead by example and for my term slash the presidents "salary" to something ridiculously low.
Am I saying that I can fix this in two years? Absolutely not.  No one can fix this mess in a generation I think.  But it is possible to create a trickle of cash flow.  A trickle is all you need.  Once you have a system where the materials (goods/manhours/cash) put in yield "commodities" that are in demand - you can produce value.  By making it a system you create a machine where the gears are people.  Materials in, product out.  That product will be worth more than the materials put into the system.  More materials/money put in - the more money you get out of the system.  But it does need to be nonstop.  That is the only drawback of this system: you must be able to re-organize your workforce to continually attack problems.  Once an area is stable and self sufficient - move to the next area.  Leaving just enough manhours/materials to keep that section running perpetually.  One area at a time producing.  Soon you have a section of the country just producing.  Free materials for the world market. 
This is why it wil take a generation or two.  Maybe more.  Maybe less.  It will start slow but it snowballs quickly.
Had to ramble - sorry about that.
So please - email us with comments, fears, questions, insults, support - we don't care.  All communication is good communication.  I am willing to take the heat - why aren't you willing to have my back?
June 4, 2011
There are some issues we need to discuss.
Love hearing people complain but heaven forbid an idea should pop up that has merit.  Not one person I have met disagrees with the fact that something has to be done.  Good Ole Obama ran on 'time for change.'  Guess what? No change - just more compromise.  The current game of DC is compromise - if you want change then you must enact this event.  If you want to be a politicain then compromise.  If you want to be a public servant then change.  No compromise.  As long as it is a win win scenario then why would people complain?
That answer is laziness.  We were given the most powerful tool for our country in the constitution/bill of rights.  And how many of you reading this have ever read these articles?  How many of you know that what is happening now in government needs to be changed?  How hard is it to just cast a vote?
Some areas in life you need to be afraid.  But you need to have your fears listed and well thought out in severity.  Voting for change is nothing to be afraid of now is it?  Standing up to the government which is your right and DUTY as a citizen should be somehting you do with pride not avoid due to fear.  If you do not make your mind up to be part of the solution then you are encouraging the problem.  Let's say that little line again:
If you are not doing anything to force a change then you are encouraging the current problem.  So if you are not willing to stand up and be counted as one - then you have to do one thing from now on:
Shut The Hell Up.
If you are not helping you are hindering.  If you do not like the current options of a two party system then it is your civic duty to help create a third party.  But instead of creating one that can be corrupted by greed - why not make one that is a system and not a party?  If government was truly a system based structure then you are "hiring" by votes the person to be manager of that system.
We are the law makers, not the few.  The politicians are not special but you have let them believe this is true.  By not opposing you are propagating {1} the problem.  There is no one to blame but us. 
Nasty little pill to swallow isn't it?
But guess what - if you are a little ill then you know this is true.  If you are irate then chances are this is definitely true for you.  If you are apathetic then you have zero right to tell anyone anything regarding our system of government. 
It is our country so why are we afraid of our own government?  Did we ask YOU to run instead?  I wish someone would step up and prove they can take this all they better than I.  But the passion I have forthis is tremendous so I am not going to hold my breath for anyone familiar with politics to bowl me over with their altruism.
I was asked:
"Would I legalize it?"
Due to the fact that our country is acting like a bunch of whiny, spoiled rotten children.  Would you allow the access to a drug to so many children?  When I say children I am talking about every person above the age of 18.  This country is not mature enough to handle that sort of responsibility.  BUT......
First thing that would be done is to move cannibis off of it's schedule I classification to I believe schedule III {2}.  This would allow scientists to study this plant more thoroughly and devise ways of harnessing the positive effects for cancer patients and so forth.  Imagine a patch for people undergoing chemo.  If you have never had someone in your family die while going through chemo then you are lucky.  It is horrible.  It is painful.  It is depressing.  It is an emotional wrecking ball that destroys people to see loved one's in so much pain. 
And you righteous bastards who think you know better.  You are the first to quote God/Bible but when it comes to using the plant God gave us vs. medicines man created - you chose the pills that can kill.  It's a plant.  Chill out dipsh!ts.
If the people want then I would not be opposed to legalizing it for home growing and sales.  BUT at the cost of :
if just one of you morons screws up and portrays the stereotypical pot head idiot (yes you can be permanently a moron due to marijuana habitual use) then I would be the first person to throw away the key on you.  You want this responsibility then you have to prove you can live within the rules.
"Gateway drug"
Man if I hear this one again I am going to slap the stupid right out of someone.  All chemicals we ingest are drugs so that word is moot.  By using your own logic then:
ANY drug that you use before marijuana is therefore the true "gateway drug."
Caffeine, Alcohol, Nicotine and Adrenaline (yes the natural drug) are all gateway drugs.  By your own admission of using that argument.  Either come up with a better one or shut the hell up again.
"You don't know..."
Shut up again.  You have no idea who I am or what I have done in my life.  You have no idea what my inspirations are.  You have no concept of my willpower.  Once I saw my Grandpa quit smoking unfiltered Camel's because the doc said he would get cancer (and when John Wayne got cancer it kinda shook things up a bit) - he just quit.  I am guessing it was not easy but the fact is - back then there was no study or help for "nicotine addiction."
So if you want a solution to drug use: STAY AT HOME PARENTING!  Wake up people - look at the rise of problems in direct response on the time line of when both parents started working.  Now you have to work just to provide food 2-3 weeks of the month anymore.  I know this number to be true because of your (aimed at the complaining rich people) rules allows us to buy enough food for our two children to eat when needed only 3 weeks of the month.  Needless to say I appreciate the help in weight loss but this also leads to spending money to buy bulk and not health.  Shame on you for treating other human beings this way for money.  Hope you feel better after you go to church.  Absolve yourself because you sat on your fat arse for an hour or so.  Yea that cures ALLLLLLLL the problems doesn't it?
Since I am serious about making this run to be a public servant and help people - I will gladly come clean first on everything in my past.  Everything I have done has made me who I am today.  So why should I be ashamed of anything?  Many areas were not my proudest - granted.  But I learned from each and every one of them and moved on.  Here's a list of some of the areas I "dabbled" in:
Marijuana (not bad, great for arthritis and nausea)
Cocaine (total waste of money)
Morphine - allergic so I am lucky I guess- all it does is hurt like royal hell.
Hash - just old drug new form
Shrooms - hey sometimes you just need to laugh uncontrollably
LSD - man some people should never do this and some people seriously need a trip to chill out.  Way too hard on the body for recovery
Crank (i.e. crystal meth) this is truly an evil drug.  This is the drug that actually made me stop partying so hard.  I could not funstion.  I could not make any clear decisions.  It took 2 weeks for my body to purge itself so I could function at work again.
My drug of choice for this entire period?..... Money
The most evil drug on the face of this planet.  But also a good way to stop doing your silly mind altering drugs.  I was addicted to making money.  Which turned me into a SOBassholeprick who had two nervous breakdowns and a myriad of health problems.  I became sick at who I had become.  When I finally married and we decided to have a child - I grew intensely ill every time I saw my face in the mirror.  It was time for change.  So I left everything I worked over a decade and a half to acquire.  And I just walked away like I did to every other drug I have tried.
So who do you want managing a group of spoiled rotten greedy children we call Washington DC?  Someone who is blind in idealism where the message is right but the end result can never be accomplished if playing by current rules.  Who do you want reorganizing the schedule classifications? Someone who has a religious reason? Someone who has corporate reasons?  Or someone who is more worried about the next election rather than what is happening?
This is up to you now.  There is nothing to be afraid of, I know.  My job has always been to interview, listen, ascertain and then design a plan and open a door.  Every job I have ever excelled in doing has allowed this level of detail {3}.   What I do is just open the door.  I clear the mess in the way and show you where to head.  I will walk with people if they need it but seriously - you are an adult so make an adult decision and be counted.  I will gladly take the heat and the public dissection of my life.  These people have never met anyone like me so this is going to be a fun ride.
rambled on enough - just had to get these out of my head before I forgot!
Peace people!
{1} propagate as in increasing in extent
{2} Drug quiz! According to the US government: marijuana is as bad or worse than PCP, cocaine, LSD and basically every drug listed.  Have they even tried these drugs?  These classifications need to be updated after their science and technology corp pill makers have produced more dangerous compounds than THC. 
{3} The jobs that were "warm body" jobs should never count on anyone's job history in my honest opinion LOL.  Hell they (the owners) generally are more corrupt than our officials!!!
May 31, 2011
So.. what are you afraid of? 
What if the phrase "The rich can get richer because the poor no longer care."  The beauty of this: the poor will no longer live as poor.  If we can line up the departments, how to accomplish via constitutional law, arrange the work, arrange the benefits and arrange all the services required then here's what a contractor for this system can look forward to one day:
Free room and board
One parent capable of staying home to be the parent for children -this is a 24hr job! (working when kids are in school is open for those who get cabin fever)
Over production of food and power to sell to the grid/society (money is used in turn to help pay the salaries promised)
Best education up to a college degree for free as long as you are an active contract worker
healthcare 24x7x365
Police/fire upgraded and better response time due to improved working conditions
An 'autobahn' project from west coast to east coast and a diagonal cut to connect the north/south better: (will require special drivers license to go at the desired speeds)
No cost of living expenses: increase buying power or savings potential
A retirement package that starts early (feasible!) and allows you and your family to go wherever we can take you. 
And all you have to do is work.  Many of you have no jobs anyhow and are about to (or have lost) your home.  What would you do to get all that back?
All of this can be attained for next to nothing.  Exchange work for work.  Now for the rich who fear this is some sort of coup d'etat.  Chill out morons - that money has gone to your tiny little brain.  What will happen to the budget if we removed some financial burdens like healthcare, infrastructure and education.  What if people started working and we stabilized these programs?  We will have people with time left on their general contracts won't we?  Now - isn't our economy in serious trouble?  Isn't that something that has to  be jump started as well? 
So what if an important product had a serious influx of near free labor injected into a factory?  What if the materials themselves can be acquired at a cost that is almost free?  Think of the profit ratio.  Talk about an ROI!  Put in nothing and get goods to sell to the global market.  And I know there are people who will make money no matter what.  So what.   Let 'em.  Once people see that there is an alternative to the 'rat race' then some amazing things can happen.  Let the rich have their money.  If you are religious then you know all the sins they are committing so a prayer is all you can afford to offer.  That and just work.  The pride we will have will be tremendous. 
Do not let someone who has money be viewed as superior in any way, shape or form.  To me yea - like royalty.  Have you seen the laughing stock royalty are in today's world?  They are messed up.  They will be our entertainment.  Watching them crash their market and lose all their money to someone else who was better at stealing than they were.  But you have work.  You will be taken cared for as will your family in exchange for that work.  If you complete a full series of contracts - then the rewards will be such freedom that you can actually enjoy your life.
Last thing that needs to happen:  Every worker needs to be interviewed once per year.  An official journalist if you will (yes all walks of life are needed!!).  The problem we are facing today is all the wisdom that i slost.  Apparently you think the people with money are somehow smarter or more wise.  Are you kidding me?  Have you seen the things they do?  get a large bank account and people go stupid.  Not the person I want pearls of wisdom from - how about you?  But what about people who see the problems everyday and just naturally fix them?  What if we can compile a library where each person is just a chapter in our growth?  Each person has a story.  Stories that need to be preserved.  Imagine a library in this digital age where you can pull up any and all info on what people have learned about <said problem>. 
We have the most amazing computer in the world in our skulls.  But what happens when one computer starts working with another?   Amazing things happen don't it?  So why are we not working together?  308million of us.  Assuming 50% are the workforce that need this program - 154million people that can work and fix problems.  All that work would change everything.  And all that money not needed for their pay can be used elsewhere.  Instead of unemployement - we will absorb the wasted work hours.  To the government and IRS - you will be living in poverty on a financial sense.  Guess what that means for tax time?  Heck we could arrange where the tax money many people rely on can go down since they have no cost of living. 
A system where work is the answer and fears about money are erased.  Family can be important again which will have the strongest ripple impact that can be imagined.  A place to just work and not ne afraid.
So what are you afraid of?
Email us.  Please.  No matter how much it sounds like you can't help (constitutional law, beauracracy red tape nightmares, demo'/repub's pompousness, etc) - nothing can happen until you help.  You can helpo by just listening to people.  When you hear someone complain about the state we are in - just tell them to check out this site.  let them make up their own minds.
Perhaps you are a twitter/youtube/facebook junkie?  You are needed more than a lawyer versed in constitutional law!!!!!!!!!!!!  Word of mouth is the secret - we the people are not going to spend one dime on any sort of silly ad campaign.  No need to anymore.  We are all connected now.
So open up that email and spread the word.  Email us with any concerns.  Help with setting up a place (near Indianapolis for cheaper gas usage please) to video a speech/Q&A session.  Looking to make a 45min presentation and then open things up to the exchange of ideas.  Clean video and camera phones encouraged.  Would like to make dvd's of it and send it to anyone who wants it or post it up on the web (viewed or downloadable).
So what is your excuse today?
Peace people - let's get ready for some serious work.
May 30, 2011
I have a question:
14 trillion dollars - yes our famous piece of paper we worship - in debt.  That means we borrowed the money and then spent the money.  What I want to know is- where is that money?  If that money went into our system then we would have 14 trillion dollars of production power (look up WWII for some interesting points if you dare).  I firmly believe that if our economy truly HAD 14 trillion dollars pumped into it we would be manufacturing like a well oiled machine.  But no one is working so therefore that money was NEVER injected into the system.  So where is it?  As president - I will not only find out - but will make sure it is publicly known (most of this is public records just hidden in red tape).  I want the people to see where it all went so they can understand the greed we are up against.  But if the rich CAN get richer while giving the "poor" a way to not need money - then a win-win is what we need isn't it?
14 trillion is a very large number people.  This money has to be traced somewhere.  I say wherever our money is we get it back and wherever it is going we slow it down. 
System update:
Possible to exchange work for household needs.  Some of us need new furnaces, sewer pipes, roof, gutters, weatherization, etc, etc ,etc. 
Freeze as much spending as you can, restructure government so health, education, safety and infrastructure are isolated from money responsibility and initiate a healthcare program first.
Why health?
I think we need to get our finger on the pulse of this country.  It should be feasible to provide extra assistance through work in the area of general practitioners.  Imagine being able to see an outbreak of ailments as they start.  Wouldn't that be worth it to catch major medical problems facing all of us before it became a medical problem?  System buildings will have a built in clinic so every building installed will have:
clinic, indoor hydroponic vegetable gardening, roof solar/wind(for taller buildings in larger cities) and places for workers.
Clinics can be open to the public but on a first come first serve basis.  As long as no one with a contract is not in need - sign up and show up.  Possible for the doctors to be able to volunteer their time more effectively.  The stress this will remove from the public will be tremendous.  More doctors we can recruit into the program the better our chances of giving people hope that their government is actually working the way it should work.
By the way - don't let the word hydroponic make you scared.  I knwo that word is associated to marijuana growth but guess what?  It was that underground industry that perfected the hydroponic idea anyhow.  The technology today is such that one small corner could produce enough food to make the demands of the occupants less on the food structure.  Remove demands from the origination has a much larger impact than trying to fix the raging flood after the damn broke.
The other idea - what if being a part of this structure required certain % of rooms to be hydroponic indoor gardeners?  They would produce enough basic foods for the cafeteria.  That cafeterai could have an accurate idea of how much foiod they will have for the day.  Subtract the workers and leaves you an estimate on how much food you can either open the doors for the homeless, give to a shelter (less fresh due to transportation so not hot on this idea) or open the cafeteria to the public.  Cheap, healthy home cooked food.  People will buy that.  Since money is not needed - this money can be returned to our debt.  Or help to offset any costs incurred that are unavoidable at that present time.  Which by the way is healthier isn't it? 
Final important point that I don't think people are understanding.  Respect.  The workers have been pissed on way too long in my book.  There are serious jobs that have to be done and who are we going to get them to fix it?  The rich and famous?  Hell they don't even want to give back the money desperately needed to run the system they are enjoying.  Either they allllll give back that 14 trillion or we need to seperate ourselves from these self proclaimed new royalty.  Don't want another Bastille day do we?
These are contracts to be picked up by the individual.  You are not doing it to make lots of money.  You are doing it to work.  All walks of life and abilities should be able to find a job.  The logistical nightmare of data that needs to be compiled is daunting to say the least.  So if you can dial a phone or turn on a computer - chances are we have a job for you somewhere at somepoint.
Now, by being a contractor there is a certain level of pride you can feel that you are getting a job done.  Not working just to get a check, so therefore not really working.  No one can look down on you because what we need to do is heal the country from the inside out.  Let them be snide.  Let them be daft in understanding.  Once people see the stress free life you live, eductaion your children will benefit from, being able to leave one parent home to do the job of taking care of kids and retiring early and on the system.  All these things are possible and can be accomplished with the least amount of stress.
In exchange though - you must realize that the system must function.  It does not care who works in it as long as they are working.  You will be here to work.  If you are afraid of working then do not apply.  You are not there to offer what you think you would do.  That is what this part now is for - if you want to prove how brilliant you are then contact us.  Contact us now or just shut up.  This is for people willing to do the job needed to be done.  Not offer just your opinion.  We need workers.  We need you.
Enjoy the weather -hope some of you fire up those grills!
May 27, 2011
Several things and some may insult some people.  If it does then I am afraid there must be a kernel of truth in what you read?  I do not want tomorrow thinking people.  We need today active people.  If you think "that would be great.." then why are you not pursuing what you just said would be great?  I do not get this form of "logic" - yes quotes there since any other word escapes me for what it really is .  Let's ask some questions of ourselves shall we?
What if the proof of concept did work?
What if the idea of having people help people be the base currency structure? 
What if the symbiotic nature of the branch provided benefit only to the main system?
What if this system in the end allowed every worker in the system a chance for full health, dental, vision, college for children and a retirement package that would make a fortune 500 company take note?
What if could work?
What if a radical change is what is needed to protect what we desperately are missing?
What if ALL it took was work?
None of these questions are about a fantasy.  The systems we need to emulate are already interwoven and functioning.  Dysfunctional at times but functioning.  What people do not understand about me is my ability to see things in it's parts.  Never figured out why, never cared.  What you see as a failed system - I see it as only failing in certain areas.  It does work.  When it finds a way to not be broke it works.  When it has a way to produce a surplus it runs great.  Until you give the keys to that car to a drunk driver for 8 years  but that is another story.
I am not sayingt any plan is THE solution.  That is problem with people voting.  The government is not a 4 year term for US.  It is a permanent deal that we have to live with as will our lineage.  So if we do not fix it then who will? And when?
So if it is all so bad, let me ask you a question:
Why are you not doing something about it right now?
It is tiring to many people to hear people say wonderful thoughts but not care enough past their own front door, or car door, to spread such thinking.  Just because you "had" a thought that was nice does not make it your philosophy.  Your way of life dictates who you truly are.  Are you living the way you are saying?  Be surprised how many people can be classified, by definition, hypocrites.  By definition.  Don't get mad at me if your actions just happen to match a word definition.  Boggles the mind on how the creation of the english language is my fault.  I am not the one talking the talk but refusing the walk. 
Oh but we allllll have excuses don't we?  "Well you wouldn't know..." - try me.  The reason I say things like this is Ihave lived.  I have lived a fantastic life.  Every decision, brilliant to horrendous, taught me something.  Making a mistake is the animal side of your brain.  Not repeating that same mistake is the human side.  Now take your "reason" and write it down.  Now imagine all the people who are ready  to help and what their backgrounds are.  Pretty soon we will run across people who have the same situation as you have at this moment.  And if they can why can't you?
It's a decision isn't it?  We as a people are afraid of decision just because "What if it went wrong" mentallity.  Been there done that got the book t-shirt too small.  As if the past ten years or so have been a walk in the park.  The beauty of being at the bottom (14 trillion and counting ) is that you truly can only go one way if you are willing to work for it.  Up.  Stop digging and start patching. 
We know that when this country flexes it's industrial arm we can do just about anything.  Who has ever done all the work?  The politicians?  The investors?  The lawyers?  The doctors?  The pharmaceutical companies?  Gee.. guess it was the people like you and me.  People who can just work.
But to answer one question that pops up the most:
"I don't have the time to add something else in my life"
We do need help.  Lots of it. But the help we need now is the most crucial and less streneous.  What we need is for you to not forget.  Anytime you hear someone complaining about the current state of things - tell them aboiut this crazy idea of a no cost campaign.  No cost campaign.  We already have the system in place.  We just need help from the smallest (like researching any one of the numerous lines we need looked up) to the largest (cabinet members, a political advisor to translate lazy politician speak into a worker way and a kick a$$ VP - that role needs to be as picky as president)
No race or gender cared about.  can you do any sort of job?  We have a list - generalized at the moment until we start seeing which area is developing clearer.  If you are reading this then you have the most powerful tool we need - access to the internet and therefore access to the world.  We'd be insane to say that you are not important to us. 
If you are in philosophical agreement - then how about at least pledging your support?  Who you vote for is up to you but at least let us know if you are going to help.  Every supporter needs to be remembered as one of the people who started it.  Every person who pledges should go down in history as one of the people who digitally signed this decalration of fairness.
 School bus here - more tomorrow I hope.  Last day of school for kiddo's so we shall see. 
May 24th 2011
Sorry for the stoppage in the daily blog but had some massive thought explosions and had to get them on paper before I forgot them.  Then hammer them out till they made sense to others.  And guess what?
We have the system.
It has been under our noses all this time.
We will borrow the strengths of three main areas:
The command structure and discipline of the military.
The corporate efficiency of a proper system/procedure/control (even the evil corps had a good system/procedure/control - why else were they so good at stealing our money?)
The assignment of resources pragmaticism of computer programming. 
Add in a dash of controls to put the power into the peoples hands making the president the manager of the system and not the "ruler" psychosis. 
How this can conceivably work:
Take healthcare and make a true department of health.  Much like the DoD (Department of Defense) in that very few people are allowed to directly affect the military.  They may agree to use or not use.  They may affect the money that goes into it but other than the President (the Commander In Chief {CIC}) there really aren't many are there?  It's a complicated system at first glance but it is what we need as a template.  A system that responds but is not directly controlled.  A system that has more power governing itself better when the politicians/public sector leave them alone.
I know money is always the problem but the system has to be in place first so we can move to the next phase of recruiting people to fill in what needs to be accomplished.
So a department of healthcare.  responsible for maintaining and checking on the health of every worker who has a contract with this new system.  So yes - free total healthcare for the people willing to work to keep society running.  Think of a military base but a hospital instead.  What about all the government housing already in place?  What if there were really nice apartments, a built in clinic and free healthcare for those people helping to get the jobs done that needs to be done. 
But what about money?  Money is nothing more than the problem and I have been trained to isloate and plan a way around problems.  So that is what is coming up soon.  Once enough people sign on and take this effort seriously then we can move up. 
Everyday we wait more people suffer.  It is our decision to do somehting that will make the difference now.  Then the phrase "actions speak louder than words" comes to mind. 
Now if you ever looked at a corporate flowchart and amilitary command structure - you will see that they are very similar.  So now we take the good from the military and leave the budget worries to the side for the moment.  Now we go corporate.  No matter what you say - if you look at a very organized corporate framework and how they deal with inefficient departments - you would nod in agreeance.  If the department is not fixing the problem it was designed for, or worse, it is costing money and the returns are unjustified - then that department has to go.  So being able to avoid smooth-talking-never-say-anything speakers is a key.  Lucky for us I am apathetic, a public speaker and have trained so many people to do a better job at speaking than our politicians do.
The next part is the efficient use of limited resources that a computer program has built in naturally.  Without getting into C++ or somehting as equally odd for most of us - let's just say the program can only use what power the computer has available.  And power just means what the program needs to run.  You only activate sections (i.e. departments in the government for example) when you need to fix a specific problem.  In a computer it is a math calculation - for us it will be immediate healthcare or getting people to work by any means possible.
The end result is a system where people will sign up to fill out contracts that are available.  The more you do the better off you will be.  Being able to do many jobs will be jst as important as someone who can only do one job.  A jack-of-all trades maintenance man is equally important as a doctor to the eyes of society if the needs are high enough.  Which it is isn't it?
The constitution was the document in my mind.  The greed and career politicians muddied it up is all.  It's all still there.  that is the beauty - it is still there.  We just have to have someone willing to get horribly dirty and dive in to their stagnant cess pool and see what is clogging things up. 
So peace people - I will try and get everything that I have in some form of readable form for quick downloads.
Spread the word!
May 20, 2011
Here is some insight on two areas that might help answer the 'why am I doing this' thoughts. 
1) Maintenance departments
May not sound like much to some but believe me - remove it and watch what happens to the business.  If our government is being controlled, albeit roundabout wise, by corporate america and therefore money - then the government needs to be treated like a business.  If you are emulating that then expect to be treated as such. 
* Performance reviews:  It is time each law and "law maker" gets a performance review.  Fail to prove your usefulness and you will be temrinated.  Hey they set the standard.  I think it is high time that someone cleans house.
* Quality control: face it - there is none to speak of is there?  Just look at the financial rules and our recent problems with deregulation.
To me, every department and every member of the government needs to have a performance review.  Does their law/job/department/work hinder or help the primary task needed to alleviate the problem at hand? No? See ya.
But it is not just about firing.  It should be more of finding better uses for the limited resources they (government) are allowing.  Remove some so you can put the emphasis where it will be felt the soonest.  Too much growth without internal support leads to implosion.  Too much growth without a direction for it to grow steadily leads to an explosion - which in turn creates the shell with no support - back to implosion.
2) behavior and consequences
No matter who you are or where you reside on this planet, there is one fact you can not hide from:
Your brain learns to behave in a very predictable fashion.
People get shocked at the mess but many of us just look at you stunned onlookers and ask 'you didn't see this coming?'  Let me explain in my way.
Anything you do is a behavior.  How you wake up, when you leave for work, what you say to people and I hope you get the idea.  Every little thiing you do is a behavior.  But every behavior has a consequence.  unfortunately too many people think the word 'consequence' is to be used for bad happenings only.  A consequence is just what happens due to the behavior.  The closer the consequence is to the behavior the stronger the memory. 
What in the heck does that have to do with the mess we are in?
What consequences were in place for the behaviors we have witnessed?  All these years have any serious consequences been tied directly to the ones who made the decision about the laws?  Nope.  We, the people, have allowed this to happen.  It is our own damn fault.  The only consequence they can understand is to deny them the ability to behave this way anymore.  They are public servants - not law makers who are looking out for us.  They are doing that because we don't want to do it ourselves.  But by being decisonally blind to their behaviors we have trained the entire political community (press, career politicians, etc) that what they are doing must be ok.  Since the consequences are not directly tied to the individuals responsible for them.  Pass the buck, blame someone else but don't change a thing?  Is it just me or is that a horrid way to run a business?
Just think if only 1/3 of the population voted against what has become the norm and chose the maintenance way.  A maintenance party if you so please.  What if 100million people across the USA just decided it was time to fix things.  Not their way.  Just fix things.  Ultimatums are for the cameras.  Just get the job done.  If you are like many of us then you know this phrase very well:
"You don't have to like it you just have to do it."
So if tomorrow is pointless to rely on that only leaves today.  If you don't want to help then at least tell us what you wish was fixed.  Or why it won't work (remember: we solve problems because there is no such thing as a problem).  Dare us.  Challenge us.  Worse case scenario is we force some changes that saves us from financial ruin (oh wait just hit that on Monday didn't we?).  The rich and greedy have had the keys to the car for a long time and guess what?  It's a total write off.  But we can't afford a new car can we?  It's time to grab the duct tape, spray paint and bondo - who is up for a get your hands dirty performance review of our government?
people still needed: other than everyone?  If you see something that you know you can help with (a better site, better facebook presence, help in making youtube promo video's and everything else under the sun) then HELP US PLEASE!  Every day we wai the behaviors get entrenched deeper and deeper.
Peace people
May 19, 2011
Time for something serious to clear the air. 
Too many people try and superimpose their perception on how I view things.  This can never work.  To understand my tenacity you must know a few things. 
First point:
I do not believe in tomorrow.  I can easily die in my sleep any night and I know this to be fact.  My body is failing at record speed.  I am essentially 25-30yrs older on the inside.  I am just growing older faster than most people is all.  So physically I feel about 70yrs old if that makes you understand some things.  There is no tomorrow in my eyes.  I have always hated tomorrow.  I procrastinate - yes.  But usually because in my current priority of today - that task/job/duty/activity is wayyyyyy down on the list. 
So I have come to terms with the fact I will most likely die sooner than most people.  Why this is so disconcerting to people I do not know.  You are not the one going through my personal prison of hell.  If you truly understand me then help me.  Let's make history.  let's go down in history as the people who stood up and said 'enough is enough.'  With age comes wisdom they say - I think it is more like with illness comes wisdom.
Sent off some emails to some scholars in the area of our Constitution.  Here's hoping someone will take this drive as seriously as I do. 
Second point:
 Why do I think I can do this?
Because I can not hear a problem without immediately inverting it to find the solution.  A problem is just in the way of the solution.  think of me as a people-maintenance man.  I open things up, look inside, test some parts and then show people the direction they must go to solve their problems.  I do not drag people along unless they told me to do so.  What you call objections I call solutions.  I can not help this.  I hear people with their problems and immediately see an answer.  The key has always been perception.  Most people can't solve their problems because they view it from one POV. 
Besides - it isn't the president that 'runs' the country.  Honestly people.  it's the cabinet and the people you hire that get the real work accomplished.  No one person can do this job ever.  But only one person can be blamed. 
Email me your concerns or questions.  Heck email me problems so I can prove what can be done by a perception shift. 
I refuse to give up on the future of our children.  I refuse to accept that this is the way it is going to be.  I also will never give up.  Everyday I will ask people for input in designing a system.. Everyday I will look for others to help.  Everyday I will push a little more.  Every 4 years I will have my name on that list until either this is solved or I die.
I have lived a great life filled with bad decisions.  But I have learned from every mistake.  This helps me to not repeat them.  Some people call me smart.  I am not smart as much as tenacious.  I know if you never stop you will eventually find the answer.  And what an answer to search for don't you think?
Check on everyone tomorrow!
May 18, 2011
Not much to report today.  Spent last 24+hrs confined to my chair (a huge la-z-boy).  Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments had me chair bound.  Walking the few feet to this chair was out of the question.
Brings up a few points:
 - Will Americans vote for someone who wants to be a public servant, willing to work, willing to discover problems but has ailments?  Time to see if the ADA is universal or blind. 
 - If you are suffering from a myriad of problems that resemble diabetes yet is not diabetes then you may have some of my ailments.  Low pressure systems that roll in trigger the pain.  But spinach, pinto beans and granola seem to hold off most of the worse parts of the sympotms.  If the barometer is dropping you may want to get ready for the pain. 
- Homemade bread, granola, bean dip (freezes very well I might add) and fresh vegetables have gotten me out of the house better than most pharmaceuticals.  Which seem to only give me horrendous sharp pains inside my brain at random moments and damn near a heart attack.  Needless to say I stopped listening to doctors.  Research into diet, human body and how nerves work has helped more than visiting someone who just says "try these" as a solution.
But being imprisoned in my body gave me time to think.  If you look at the commercials you can see why I want to do this for us - the people.   Let's look at some areas that directly affect children.
Education: many places out there that are designed to improve your child's grades.  But guess what?  Not a free program is it?  So are we all saying that the poor do NOT deserve to have the same advantages in the areas of education?  Are we denying these children their opportunity for their own pursuit of happiness?  I think we are and that my fellow Americans is, and no other way of saying it, is against avereything this country was suppose to be about.
Health:  Well this issue is hosed and we know it.  Only the rich can get cured.  Only the wealthy can rest assured that if a severe illness happens that they will not lose their house or worse.  Why is health an item that is based on money first and constitutional rights second? 
Family:  Having a troubled child? Guess what - many great programs that help other families.. oh wait.  You need money to get these programs.
Retirement: Imagine a child who sees the world as either you are a winner (i.e. make the money) or a loser (do not make the money).  It's disgusting to train our children that screwing over someone else so you can make more money is correct.  No matter what you think - money has to be in limited quantity to hold it's value.  So in order to gauge that value - some have it and some do not.  Guess what, you might be moving in with your kids, or vice versa, because the world could care less that you might want to cure cancer or break the light barrier.  But heavens, be an illiterate imbecile on a popular TV show and the work is over.  So guess being an absolute degenerate to societies needs is the way to go?
Safety: Hey little Johnny and Suzi - don't worry that the police, fire & rescue and countless clinic doctors are slaving away to protect you.  This politician doesn't want to tax the rich so guess budgets have to be cut somewhere.  Might as well get cheaper gear to protect YOUR children when the politicians decide it is time to go to war again. 
Again, this is our country.  I believe in the Declaration of Independance, Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  I believe that this country was built to become something great. 
Instead we are the overweight laughing stock of the world.  Thanks to our inability to fire our employees.
Fire our employees?  Yes.  Every politician is actually a public servant.  They are OUR employees.  And quite frankly - after training/hiring/firing as many people as I have, I can not fathom how they have maintained their jobs.  They all need to be fired.  This is not a time for negotiations and compromise.  This is time to heal, fix and cure.  The country is sick and we know it.  We all talk about it.  We all listen to it.  yet when it comes time to use our biggest power - we fail. 
So if you do not vote, don't care to vote or feel that your vote is just wasted: then let us have your vote.  Speak up with us.  Together we will be heard.  We can turn this around.  We can design a system that protects our vital areas.  We can allow people a choice. 
So much work.  So few people who believe in themselves.  I believe in every American.  If 50 million of us (308mill US population according to the 2010 census) all decided to speak at once - you will be heard.  If you join us, you might enjoy the fact that YOUR wisdom, what YOU have learned and YOUR name will go down in history as one of those who stood up.  WPP will never forget the people.  You are not a statistic.  You are a person and deserve to be treated as such.
This is not us against them.  No treason or anything like that.  It is our constitutional right.  No one else has the guts to stand up AND be poor.  You do not need money to win - you need votes.  That is how it was originally set up and guess what?  We are in the age where almost everyone can view the internet.  So where is the need for campaign funds?  It is time for the politicians to go for a few years.  They can have it back when we are finished with the political quarantine. 
In final for today - let's look at this from a "conspiracy" stand point.  If this starts working and the powers that be actually view it as a threat, who do you think stands the greatest risk?  Me.  You think I am happy to know that someone like JFK can just be gunned down?  Do you think I like the idea that if threatened they will strike?  Do you think I put a political career above the love I have ot see my children grow?  Do you think I want to miss one second of their amazing lives?  Do you think after finding my soulmate that I want to do anything to jeopardize that?  Or worse to never see them again?  If you think I am doing this for some stupid "political" reason you are insane.  Something has to be done and quite frankly I am tired of not seeing anyone else with the courage to just pull a Nancy Reagan on our government:  Just Say No.
Want to help? email me - lots of things to do and all ideas are great ideas.
May 17, 2011
Well we now have several disturbing trends I was unaware were possibilities.  Funny to me that people immediately think of the negative or paranoia.
"He's starting a cult!"
Heard that one - oddly I am lost at where the religious references of any spiritual aspect of this plan.  If anything it is more scientific in nature.  Problem solving is needed - not blind faith of a cult. How can anyone be creative in fixing a problem if they are hanging on the word of one person?  None of us want that now do we?
"I don't have nay kids so I don't care about the future."
Yes heard that one too.  It's amazing what people will tell you when hey know you are listening.  This one saddens me greatly.  We, the human race, have been segregated into our individual little bubbles of fear and distrust.  The right thing to do as any organism that encompasses a place to live: learn to live with your surroundings rather than off of them. 
"He thinks he's Jesus!"
I loved that one.  The hypocrisy { 1}  is just soooo delicious.  Here are some of things that pop in my head when I heard that one:
First I am not stupid: "Beware the false prophet." always seems to pop in my mind when people start acting like they are the savior of anyone.
Second: If you were to emulate someone - Why not Jesus?  If he is so important to Christianity then why are not more people following their own bracelet advice? WWJD?
Third: This whole idea is about people working as a group to solve a problem.  Not one person with the answer.  I might have passion for this idea but do not let that translate into religious fervor.
Fourth: If you want to get into a religious battle of words then I am ready for you.
Religion has no place in a government.  We even have it written so their IS suppose to be a seperation of church and state.  But for every religious person who thinks their piety is strong just because they haven't done anything horribly wrong.  But if you look at your commandments you will see that many of you are breaking your "holier than thou" beliefs.  Think about one commandment in particular: Thou Shall Not Kill.  Seems pretty cut and dry to me.  So you send your children to war and not you.  Because some imbecile of a president says "God" is on our side.  Why would God choose a side where his commandments and the seven deadly sins will be ignored?  Why is the eternal damnation of your child's soul worth it?  If they end up killing due to an order then they have broken a very clear rule. 
I am not religious by nature.  But I do like the overlapping qualities of Bhuddism, Koran, Bible and a very sizeable list.  All of the religions that strong seem to share a universal belief of doing what is right while alive.  Even the Koran says if someone accepts Allah in his heart and is sorry for his crimes - he is forgiven.  Imagine my shock when you hear about the way people are treated for breaking any law in some parts of the world.  Actions are not matching with what was written for your religion. 
Religion had it's time in the sun.  Religion is a personal belief - not a system of government.  So beware the false prophet people.  Anyone that says they are going to fix things should not be trusted.  I never said I will fix anything.  We are all in agreeance that something drastic needs to be done soon.  So I am just speaking of what I hear and see.  What I am talking about is work.  Lots and lots of work.  There are more jobs than available man hours yet since "money makes the world go round" is what people believe we can not get anything fixed.  The rich do not want to repay society for the fruits they have gathered.  That is selfish.  What I am proposing is gathering the people who want somehting different.  Something thatwill require work foremost - money second.
Since I can go on about the double standards of each religion that has enough people to take control of a government, I will stop now.
Peace out people - Lots of work to be done, still need people to work!  Who wants a job?
{1} - Hypocrisy by definition: 1)a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess 2) a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude. Keep in mind  - never claimed to be virtuous and no way this is publicly approved.  In fact, a more humbling beginning of this journey probably is not possible.
May 14, 2011
Yesterday was an interesting day so never quite made it to blogcentral.  Sorry about that.  We need to work on first is the symbiotic concept.  To give an example - here is a what if scenario:
Main problem we are having in healthcare is: people can not even feel safer by having a simple check up.  We as a country are getting sick from the inside because we have no way of checking ourselves. 
What if there was a way to recruit a group of physicians to work on a contract basis with this symbiotic branch.  What if due to these contracts the financial output in form of salary is considered poverty status?  What if these doctors lived a very comfortable life style and able to afford most anything they want?  What if a hospital could be given some sort of tax incentive to allow these doctors to function inside their hospital but under control of the system - not the hospital.  {1}.  What if the purpose of these doctors is to absorb the overwhelming request for aid by the public.  Many hospitals cringe when someone has no insurance.  If no insurance due to financial reason - these doctors will see you as soon as they can.
How can this be done you ask?  Think of the insane budget the current system of governmnet {2}.  The amount of money that is being thrown at many vital departments is large but the amount that comes out at the end is a trickle?{3}  That does not sound very efficient, just ask any maintenance worker.  What if for a fraction of the amount you can achieve this theoretical example?  Would it be worth it to have a way to start helping people, no matter how small it starts, create the proof of concept that this can be done. 
Again - how?  Think about what every erson who works to make money spends it on, look at what veery person who has no money needs to spend on.  The overlap is the true cost of living.  This system is not baout being extravagant.  It is about a simple solution to fix a problem to prevent an irreperable catastrophe.  What if something worse than a hurricane hits this country?  Don't you want a system in place that does what FEMA was suppose to do?  If society is a living thing like people like to say, then we have AIDS.  We have no immune system.  What we need are the white blood cells to keep things safe and healthy.  Talk about a symbiotic relationship.  What some people see as just a defense mechanism, I see an actual organism that does not behave like any cell we have in our body.  It is almost alien in nature when you look at what it does in comparison to the rest of the other cells.  Yet without these little monsters we would get sick and die. 
That is what we need.  This is going to take work from everyone.  But if you make enough money that tax time is a burden and not a blessing - we probably don't need you.  This is about humility.  This is for the people who have been humbled but now understand the important things in life.  Our family.  Children.  Friends.  Money is only needed because somebody wants money without making any callouses.  The paper pushers have taken this system over and I think it is time we pull out the only papers that matter:
The Constitution
The Declaration of Independance
1) Key point: the agreement will have a mutual respect clause
2) SG and SSB now for my blog: SG - current system of gov't, SSB Symbiotic System Branch - just annotation so I type less :)
3) Our MONEY: Where is the rest of OUR money going?  Yes that is OUR money they are screwing around with.  We worked for that money so therefore they are our employees.  If you have done the swing shift factory jobs then probably you know what happens to employees who waste time.  Or if in maintenance - what happens to the parts that don't work.  These are OUR public servants, they are not public figures to be idolized and revered.  Public servants - aren't they getting paid a little too much for not producing an effective government?  They are failing their performance review if they ever have one.  I sooooo want to be the one that does the performance review on the government.  try and sell your jobs to me boys - apathy + my past = I don't give a sh!t about your opinion - prove it or lose it time.
I saw that Mr. Gingrich was proud of his twitter announcement.  Odd - if you look at my time stamp on my twitter with my blog link where I announced mine - I think I beat him by a day.  If so - sorry buddy you lose to a crippled house father.  Here's hoping Jon Stewart hears about this one.
By the way - our official policy regarding any media: if you can prove you will respect the pain that millions of us are being forced to suffer through then we will be happy to speak with you.  Respect only works when it is balanced.
Support always needed...
email: nomorelies@hybponline.com if you would like to help.  This is a totally free- word of mouth campaign only.  Everyone can help and everyone can make a difference.  That is the beauty of our Constitution.  If we the people decide we have had enough, we are allowed to make changes.  That has been given to us as a right for being an American.  Time to cash in on that right don't you think?  What we want is to create a way to protect the country and people, not control.  Most of us actually just want to be left alone.  Think of any president of this party as a manager of the system.  Not a position to be sought after.  A position you need to interview for and prove to us that you are worth our time and money.
Peace people - lots of jobs to do so who wants to work?
May 12, 2011 - in the A.M.
Just off the phone of the red tape run around.  Can't work due to illness, can't afford insurance to regularly see a doctor so have no proof I am sick to get any assistance.  Just saw the family budget and essentially our emergency cushion won't even fill our tiny little focus up with gas once.  That is the leeway we have. 
I know there are more people out there who are worse off or at the same stage.  I am not worse off than anyone else and am very thankful of the little things that make life worth waking up each day.  Family, friends and a sense of purpose. 
1) gain a 10% population exposure through social media/word of mouth alone
2) campaign contributions will only be accepted if we are allowed to use that to hire people or donate COL boxes (another idea wife and I have worked on for struggling families).  Campaign fund/laws are a headache to read so if anyone knows this area best please contact us @ nomorelies@hybponline.com
3) Understand the top 3 concerns of the American people. 
4) determine what will satisfy people amount vs work needed needs to be balanced
5) gain the majority (popular vote) - all states that allow write ins do so, any that need signatures then that has to be accomplished first.
6) prove we are voting as one and prepare for the electoral college to not elect us for the office
7) if the plan would insure a desired level of relief and pride - that would make people happy.  If the electroal college (i.e. current system) refuses the popular vote then everyone who voted for us will be part of a class action law suit (or whatever can be done) for violation of what is due: pursuit of happiness. 
8) end result is I take the heat and either you gain respect, health care, COL reductions, better eductaion and safer environments for just doing a job that needed to be done.
As you can see we need so much help it is insane.  All walks of life are important.  This is not about money - this is about stopping the bipartisan system from destroying our country. And if you didn't know - our founding fathers warned us about ony having two parties.  Think about that for a moment.
More later, lots of people to look for and next door neighbor is going to help with this whole facebook thing.
Contact info:
twitter : HYBPOne
Facebook (tbd later today)
WPP manifesto still being worked on - free to anyone who emails me.  Not finished but that is the beauty - we all can work on this and we all can go down in history as the people who said enough is enough.
looking forward to hearing from you!
"There's work to be done - who's ready for a job?"
WPP - "We the People Party"
The blog
May 11, 2011
Banged out 5 1/2 pages of notes regarding this.  Wife was very convincing that a daily blog on the happenings would be a fun thing to read.  So here I am.  people say you should speak however you normally do so here 'tis people.  Grammar aside - this is me.  Arthritis and lack of spell check means please excuse any typos/grammar areas :)  I will not apologize for any language or inferences.  Be thankful it isn't pervasive language.
Where to begin is difficult.  I would have to say it started iwth disgust.  Watching political figures point fingers everywhere to cause confusion never helps.  Disgust that we, the American people, have allowed this nonsense to go on as long as we did. 
The current system of free enterprise is broken and we know this to be true.  We also know that no matter who gets elected they all have to dance the political tango.  I have been around what you may consider blue collar all my life.  There is something wonderful about a group of people who just know that no matter how much it may suck - a job is a job and it needs to get done.  It is also amazing how many of these same people are able to just fix things.  A rather innate problem solving ability that defies description.  A problem solving ability that can be very useful.
In the world of maintenance - if something is broke you either fix it, jury rig repair it or flat out scrap it and get something new that works better.  Simple.  To the point.  A job is a job and it needs to get done so you can move onto the next job.
So what is this blog about? Symbiotism.  Symbiosis can be defined best through biology: "the living together of two dissimilar organisms, as in mutualism, commensalism, amensalism, or parasitism."  What has popped up from so many people is that we (USA) need something to protect our vital areas of our society.  The symbiotic part came to me after hearing people like Elizabeth Warren and Philip K. Howard speak {1}.   What if a system/procedure/controls can be instituted to provide cost of living (COL) assistance in exchange for work? {2}  Is this THE solution? WHo knows.  All I know is the current system of profit first should not be incontrol of areas that are a necessity.  How can anyone deny that food, shelter, helath and education are trivial?  When was the last time you had to pass up on eating so your healthy-weight-kids could eat what they need? If you can answer that question then chances our this idea is for you.
The system needs to be governed by the people and not answer to many political machinations.  The person in charged of running it should be nothing more than a very important manager.  A true public servant.  Making sure the manhours it produces will be allocated to the most needed area.  This symbiotic government arm needs to have it's own declaration of existence by means of a peoples Manifesto of sorts.  Not unlike the Declaration of Indepence but instead of us vs them mentality, this needs to be more of "you are no longer allowed to play with these areas" mentality.
So what if that could be accomplished?  I firmly believe this can happen.  Not only can this happen it needs to happen.  No more hiding our heads in the sand.  No more blaming someone else for our fear to stand up and be heard.  No more wondering if it will ever be fixed.  It is time to fix things.  The old phrase "waking the sleeping giant" needs a new meaning.  Imagine you were in a coma and you awoke to the mess today.  Monkey **** fights at the zoo would be less of a mess.  The behavior of the current system has gone on too long without the act of consequences to teach us our errors.  It can not be fixed since this is the way it runs.  But what if people can just put their heads together, agree to do some much needed work in exchange for as much help in COL as can be afforded.  An independant contractor if you need something close.  But clear and understandable contracts.  For (this partcicular job) you will have (benefits awarded) during the course of the (job) and the (bonus amount for satisfactory completion of your contract). 
I know it seems like rambling at the moment but where to post what and when is daunting.  I do have more and more people signing on to help in any little way that they can.  There is much to post but even more to organize so the larger picture can be seen easier by all. 
Oh by the way.  I guess I should have told you that since I have no fear, nothing to lose and have been mercilessly trained in the art of how to listen to the truth of a problem rather than the excuses, I officially invoke my constitutional right by being the one people will be mad at.  By running for the President of the United States. 
My political platform?  You honestly think I can be worse than GWB?{3}  Hell I vow to only have a two year run.  1 year to give congress their ultimatum as I talk to the world leaders to find out what the hades is their problem(s).  The other year is to either enact the very first system as a proof of concept or do everything in the power of the office stop as much nonsense as possible.  After two years you should resign anyhow.  If you can't fix even one problem effectively in 2 years then something is horribly wrong or worse: broken beyond repair.
So if you want to help then feel free.  Any and all walks of life have acquired wisdom and we need it now more than ever.  If the time is now, as sooooo many politicians love saying, then there is absolutey no reason why we should not stand up and be heard.  I will gladly put my nose to theirs and say "swing first."  Think of my passive nature the velvet glove that covers an iron fist.
What I want are problems.  What is affecting you the most now?  What would help you the most now?  Would you be able top work in exchange for a much more comfortable life style or better health crae?  As you can see there are too many problems and too many needs.  We (WPP) need to hear from you.  Until a more official site gets started, feel free to email me.  There are 308million of us (2010 census).  Imagine what we could fix if only 1/3 of us just decided to get together and start fixing things. 
Please remember: this is not my idea.  This is the idea I had from listening to all sides for the past 10 years.  This can only work if we get together and offer up questions and possible solutions.  All I want to be is the true public servant and not a politician.  I want us to create a the attention this system will need.  Someone out there has another piece of this puzzle so maybe if we all looked we could finish this thing.  My role could end as a hroic movie worthy adventure or a rehap of JFK.  I prefer to avoid the latter if that is OK with you.  let me take the heat.  My apathy knows no bounds.  I have my fears listed and political suicide is not on there anywhere.
looking forward to hearing from you!
"There's work to be done - who's ready for a job?"
{1} Google these people and read up on them.  You will like what you read if you are as pi$$ed off as I am about the current mess we made for our children and grand children.  Let alone for us at this very moment in time. 
{2} No one can deny that there are plenty of jobs that NEED to be done now.  Bridges are collapsing, people are getting sick when they don't need to, no real healthcare to speak of, people without homes or food, education is a blight on our world perception and the list goes on and on.
{3} that by the way is my campaign slogan as of yet.  If you think I am then thanks fo rthe insult and I really don't want your support anyhow.