I have ran across many people with similar ailments.  So Here is some basic areas that have helped go from chair bound to moving significantly better two days a week!  If you have ever been chair bound for 4+ years then you know how that must feel.
Arthritis - not much yet on this one sorry.  Seems once the body starts attacking itself on a genetic level it is hard to delay the inevitable.
"Fibromyalgia" - catch all phrase by doctors I think for "We have no clue what it is"
- spinach: whole leaf and fresh.  Not frozen or canned.  The fresher the better!  Make salads, dice it up and put it in any dish you would add any herbs.  If you can add a spice or an herb you can add diced spinach.  The mineral benefits are enough for the extra 5 minutes of work to prep the food
- pinto beans: the miracle
In a pot with a heavy lid - almost pressure cooker but not quite:
Pour in as many beans you want (1 -2 cups at start is plenty)
Be certain pot has a heavy lid and decent seal.  Does not have to be perfect just to increase some pressure in the pot.
Cover the bean swith about 1" of water and set to medium heat until it comes to a boil then lower to medium/low - barely enough to boil with lid on but remove lid and the boil stops.  Every stove is fdifferent so play around.  The trick is getting the pot/lid seal to creat just enough pressure change that it boils at a low heat with the lid on.
Once you "smell" beans go check and be ready to cover with water.
Check once per hour.  Barely enough water as you go to keep beans soaking. 
I usually add lots of basic hot sauce (the vinegar/salt based vinegars - I find the salt helps rais ethe boiling point alot) and curry powder. 
Beans should be soft enough to easily smash with a fork after 4 hrs
Toss in a food processor and then bag for freezer.
*can add shredded cheese in the processor with hot beans - makes for a smoother dip*
The fiber and magnesium alone will improve your health greatly.
Put a decent helping in a freezer ziploc and when ready let thaw.  Snip a corner and you can pipe the bean dip on crackers easily if blended smooth enough!  Makes for an awesome snack.
Many more recipes but these are the ones I have found to help with my health.
Other important notes:
Check your diet - if you buy premade food you are buying preservatives.  My body reacts negatively to preservatives which in turn triggers my fibromyalgia.  So no soda pop, no preprocessed foods or anything that might have preservatives.
Best Thin crust pizza dough... EVER!
(Stand mixer makes this feasible for impromptu homemade pizza)
3 cups flour
1 cup water
1.5 oz yeast
tsp Kosher salt
3 tbsp of olive oil
any other herbs/spices for taste (I like curry powder in my dough)
Proof yeast - can use honey, sugar or whatever to get yeast happy
All in mixer, mix with hook for about 12 minutes (roughly)
Looking for a dough that cleans the walls of the mixer - just sticky enough basically but workable.
knead for about 5minutes (plop on flour surface, flatten out, fold a corner with heel of hand, rotate and repeat until the dough becomes to large of a ball to repeat)
form a ball (just easier).. cover with towel and let rise to 2x height.  Once risen - mash down and repeat knead process.
Cut into 1/3 portions - reform into smaller dough balls.
Let rise to about 2x sixe.
Flatten to size of cooking surface (pizza stone vs aluminum foiled cookie sheet for example)
Corn meal on cookie sheet, place dough, dock (fork a bunch of holes everywhere) and add sauce/cheese/whatever
450 degrees for about 5 minutes if you have a pizza stone.  If just a cookie sheet about 7minutes at that temperature.
Add fresh herbs after out of oven and before cutting.  The heat will release the aroma of the herbs best this way.