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I have a feeling I am not alone in this area.  Your problems may be slightly different but I believe there are enough of us that we an raise some serious hell.
This is an email I just sent after a fretful few weeks to come and find out some interesting things about our education system.  Disgust does not even begin to describe how bad I want to vomit all over any official or education representative that says everything is fine.

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Words fail at the level of disgust I have for an entire system.  For 6 years we have been told how wonderful things are.  Then come to find out my son doesn't even understand the verbiage that is being used in the question.

If this is an attention problem I will fix it since that is my job as a stay at home parent.  But I had my son, whom I believe is quite intelligent, solving fundamentals of algebra and basic geometry theorems before he was in 4th grade.  I stopped what I was doing because I was not the "paid professional" teacher.  I left all that in the hands of the system.  

I just spent over 2hrs teaching my son how to read a word problem to understand how to create an algebraic version so the solution will present itself.  120 minutes of a job that quite frankly - was not mine to do.  I care not who is paid how much.  I have entrusted my children to the education system and the system has proven beyond a shadow of any doubt that it has failed.  You stole 6 years of my sons life by robbing him of an actual understanding of what was to come in grade 7.  

If this so called advanced math course is suppose to represent a college curriculum, or whatever the excuse was given to me at the time, then someone explain how there is an apparent lack of any understanding of what is being written?  To quote my son "I feel stupid.  Like I just started school today for the first time."  This is how your wonderful system is treating our children?  By making them feel stupid?  

I am endeavoring on starting a very complex business because I felt confident that I would not have to worry about my son and the basics of understanding what was written on homework.  I do not have time for this ineptitude.  I will make the time for my son but this problem needs to be addressed until I find the person who will accurately describe how the transition from one grade to the next translates from qualifying for advanced courses to failing and feeling stupid.

Calvin wants to stay in this class and improve his grades.  I admire his bravery for the amount of work he must take upon himself and our family since we can no longer rely on the so called professionals we have entrusted with our children's future.  We trusted and how can we not feel like we have been lied to for 6 years?  How do you think we feel knowing we have another child getting ready to endure the same shattering of psyche by being shown how to feel stupid?

Yes this is written in disgust.  I am told a teacher cares but yet I have to discover the actual reason WHY he is having problems?  I am told it is college prep yet last I remember I had far more advanced math when I was in 6th grade in a country school.  We sacrificed a lot to be certain we only had one parent working at all times so the other would always be there for the children.  But it is not my job to be the teacher.  Others are paid, a fact that classifies them as professional, to do this job.  If a job is not being done but monies are being accepted then something very wrong is happening.  

I hear words like "understand" and "care."  You do not understand and these people may need to look up the word care in the dictionary.  Do not say you care but then have no reason for not understanding where the problem originates.  There is a serious problem in this entire system.  

I do want to meet with someone face to face so they will have to look me in the eye and say those words.  I do not want a phone call filled with "I understand" and "I care because..." I want someone to stand up, take responsibility or at least admit that the system needs to be fixed.  Or do we need to look at the global education rankings?

If you are paid to do a job then the expectation of that job being completed to the best of your ability is what is needed to be achieved.  So be ready to explain how this system can tell a child one thing and then turn right around and make that same child feel stupid?  

So yes this is not a friendly letter.  As humans we live for an average of 30,000 days.  Take the time I put into him and add in his time.  Now add in any other parent, of which there are a shocking number, and you will have a shocking number of days wasted.  Time of a human beings life that can never be replaced.  As much as I am wanting an answer I seem to have lost all faith in believing what I am told by "professionals."

I also have reason to believe that too many students per class is causing some of the problem since I get to hear about how obnoxious the class is on an almost daily basis.  That does not sound like a conducive learning environment does it?  

No sincerity at all.

David Ginn

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Feel free to copy and email to your so called education system.  

Episode 14.5..ish... September 24, 2014

From my Facebook near rant:
OMFG seriously?
<just deleted the worlds longest FB post>
Sorry but being polite to ask a bully to stop is the tell tale sign to the bully that they have found their target.
I have raised 2 kids to deal with bullies. 
Words do not bruise.
Words do not cause you to bleed.
Take a deep breath, calm your emotions, get control of your fear and say "And?" Bullies are cowards and cowards live for fear. Deny them their addiction to fear.
As far as physical - yes, get to a teacher, public area or anything that will provide immediate intervention if the bully is that far gone. But do tell your parents and the parents need to fight to get that bully expelled. Not talked to but expelled. If it becomes physical the bully needs to go.
This is not negotiable to my wife and I. Two bullies are now no longer an issue. 
I want to say more but it always goes off to a dissertation.
So believe someone who also grew up with a town full of bullies (we were the new kids, me and my brother)- nothing they say can physically hurt you. So be bored, mentally tell yourself "That is the best you got?" and never respond. If you have to respond then simply say "And?" or "So?" and go about your day. This is a risk of physical but if in full view of teachers/cameras - as a parent when you hear about the physical - again - no negotiation the bully needs to go. Period. You can make it happen as the parent. 
So make it happen. You are not alone so ask for help in dealing with a defunct school system. How to force their hands to get the bully to see that they will be expelled. 
Just make it happen. 
Join the parents who have had enough

To expound some:
Since 1987 I have been training people of all age ranges. 6 to 95 is a good estimate. 
Every single person learns the same way.  As a trainer I had to understand what direction the person needed to go in to acquire whatever skills they needed the quickest.
The easiest way is to read the book called The One Minute Manager - get it and read it.  Short book but well worth the few minutes it takes to read.
Essentially the closer you attach an emotion to an action the more powerful that attachment becomes.  Making mere words more meaningful than gifts or severe punishments.  The further away the recognition of a decision the more severe (good or bad) the action needs to be to carry the same weight.
Now let's take the bully action list - of asking a bully to please stop.  yes it is manners I agree completely.  But a bully is a small child in a larger body.  There is no reasoning with a child.  Children/babies are inherently greedy - just a fact of human existence.  By not deterring decisions that lead to negative behavior you are enforcing the idea that what they JUST did is ok since they get to feel the power of being a bully with no recourse.
Now children should not be taught to retaliate - that just makes them more of a child.  But diffuse the situation.  Force the bully to either move on, give up or, God forbid, resort to stupid tactics.  If this style of reinforcing positive/discouraging negative behavior is started at a very young age the bully in question is caught early in their life.  When deprived of the power that fear gives their greed they tend to shift their attention elsewhere.  Usually trying to be like the group since they can no longer be the big man on preschool.  
Now let's take this further: The bully has yet to have anyone refuse to give fear, or worse, give them response that are reserved for mature people: manners.  Now when the words are just not enough to get that quick fear - now the physical is entered.  When that is left undeterred the physical becomes very violent.
This is not some theory I made up.  These are observations and a summation of human behavior that you can find in many books written on the human psychology of learning.
So when I teach my kids at a young age to say "So..." or "And..." it is to allow the bully to exhaust what little language they have.  To put the bully into a mental state where they will either see that they are not acting like everyone else and all their targets are treating the bully like he/she is a child (which mentally they are still) or the bully will try and up the scale by using what I refer to as "Daddy words" or physical.  Now the second stage is already in place because my kids know to always be near a teacher/bus driver or responsible adult so when the poo hits the fan the bully will implode.  If my kids were to be hit I would much rather it happen when the kids are under developed physically than waiting for the bully to get bigger.
But do not take my pacifism nature as me being a peace & love sit in person.  I am a stay at home dad for one reason: I will always be just one phone call from showing up whenever my kids are in need of me.  I spend my entire day not doing much of anything that I cannot drop at a moments notice and drive to the school to raise serious hell in someone's face.  I have made numerous phone calls that have resulted in suspensions of bullies.  
Now that I have my kids in an understandable nature- that is why I am getting my name on the ballot for 2015.  If the people of this city truly want this aired then I am willing to be the person to stand up and take the heat.  Not put pressure on a political minded individual but face them in open debate.  The ultimatum is simple - either they do something about our defunct educational system, make our PUBLIC schools safe or if I am actually voted in by pi$$ed off parents who have had enough, we do things our way.  You get caught being a bully that could result in harm/suicide of another child - you are expelled from all public schools for one calendar year.  
Many of us parents take pride that we are putting our children first.  So it is obvious to us that the parents of these malcontents need to be forced to deal with their little larva of a child.
So people in this city have from now until next election to end this nonsense.  About 100 days and counting before I am legally allowed to file paperwork for the ballot.  
If need be I will do so again in 2016 for governor or if the other states want- send me the paperwork to sign for presidential for 2016.  
If you think this is a small task to step into that level of spotlight then you do it instead of me.  So far I haven't met anyone willing to be such a target.  I do not want the job and will resign if I win almost immediately.  I am just a message from the people.  Make these changes or we will do it again.  
Heck with just 250 people from across the USA you can control 51% of the senate, house and have a president.  I can guarantee that with 249 more people we could change everything in one day.  Then everyone resign.  We don't want the job but we are tired of fixing what you break.
Just like dealing with children.  They just break everything and expect you to make it all better again.
And with children there is a time where you say 'no more.'  Enough is enough.  It is time to take their toys away.  
Education is too important.
So yes - that is the shortest summation I could possibly come up with and yet still there are gaping holes of what has yet to be addressed.

Addendum: (September 22nd)

It has come to our attention that because we do not have some stupid website nor "name" that we do not exist.  We do.  
The 'we' that will be referred to throughout this journey represents the many people I have had the pleasure of listening to as they poked holes in the theory of concrete change without any violence.  A way to show that the power belongs to the masses and not the few without the need for massive protests or any expenditures.
The 'we' is a collective.  People met at a bar, people met online, in a doctors office, pediatricians, sociology professors and department heads, business owners, retired school teachers, construction workers, law enforcement, active military, ex-military facing homeless due to promises failed to be met by society/government, parents f children in a failing school system, parents of kids being bullied, parents of children being murdered, parents of children who committed suicide due to bullying, doctors, lawyers, retired sales people, people from Australia, UK, Sweden, Finland, formerly known as Russia, China, Phillipines and the islands surrounding, all across the USA, South America, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, all of Europe, major cities in Africa, immigrants, poor, middle class, rich, young as 6 years old and as old as 95, victims of crimes, aggressors of crime, survivors of cancer, families who lost people to cancer, people who have mental/physical ailments and more.  You all have been heard and we thank everyone for the advice on their POV on finding the center of where to start the changes needed.  
So if it is OK with all of you... "we" will be used.

Episode 14: September 22, 2014

Have to wait until January before any actual allowed action can be taken place to petition my name for the ballot.  Petition to me sounds a lot like someone else decides.  Have they not read the Constitution?
Either way - see the loopholes one must jump through - so we are jumping.
Will prove how easy it really can be for a small group of people to take back their government on a local, federal and possibly global scale.  
Make no mistake - I have very little faith in the intestinal fortitude of 99% of the population.  Lots of talking but very little doing.  Speaking is nice.  Rally all day if you want.  Until you remove the causation of the problem it will only fester and grow more abhorrent.
You thought Columbine was bad - just wait when a small group of kids decide they have had enough of the next generation of bullies and decide to go chemical warfare.
Wait until enough homeless veterans realize they have a hungry, homeless army at their disposal - with training - that has literally nothing to lose.  Worse case scenario is you get thrown in jail where you are fed, have a bed and even basic medical care.
Soon there will be a flashpan waiting to happen.  We can either wait for something truly deplorable to happen or we can stand up as citizens, as human beings of all race, gender, sexual orientation and religious/atheist beliefs and take back our society.  Put in assurances to protect the areas that are crucial.  Let the few have their greed to rule their decisions.  Give the government back once hard written rules have been made.  
Again, do not be mistaken, I do not believe in leaders.  Leaders require followers and followers are basically cowards in our POV.  Stand beside, take the place when one of us falls but do not hide behind.  Refuse the spotlight, refuse the greed, refuse re-election and refuse to run any campaign.
Volunteer yourself as a public servant - fulfill the will of the people as your duty - incite change.
Don't talk.  Do.
Every state has simple ballot laws - read them, follow them and force a decision to be made.  Force a change.  
We are.  Join us.
Or you know what else....
Shut up.
Have a great life. 

Just finished watching The Unbelievers w/ Richard Dawkins and Mr. Krauss.  Interesting to say the least.  But what was really intriguing was the speeches filmed at the rallies FOR the atheist movements.  Sorry to say but from someone who has had to sit in the middle and hear all sides argue over pure sophistry - your speakers sound basically like the people you 'oppose.'  
By saying someone is wrong makes you just as guilty when it comes to beliefs.  I was rather disheartened after listening to two people intellectually discuss points that could impact us all to culminate in a rather 'been there done that' rally of sorts where instead of Christianity, Islam or what have you - it was atheists.  Same words- different POV.  Rather an emotional let down.
What if all religions and all science were actually arguing the same point of futility?  With the blinders on you reject that your POv is incorrect.  Even though everyone SAYS they are open minded - it has been a hard pressed 40+ years to find enough people wanting to actually change their POV because they gained insight.
Many of us are neither Agnostic, Atheists, Christians, Muslims or what have you to offer.  We are human beings.  We look the opposite direction of the way you say to see if we can find fault.  We do not have a name.  We just are.  We exist.  
The whole thing is quite comical if you stand in the middle of everything and just look at people.  Everyone arguing about about beliefs yet they suckle at the teats of Einstein who basically proves that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  So who is to say that our consciousness is not the actual definition of a soul?  If our self awareness is energy then we will always exist in some molecular form.  But I guess it is more important to argue about arbitrary financial figures and kill each other over where our bodies will eventually decay into dust.
I know there are many of us - be nice to see others just raise their hands to be included. 
Search for answers - doubt all statements - discover your knowledge instead of being told what is real.  Even science can't agree on many areas but we are to believe they are right.  Hmm.. belief eh?  Isn't that the foundation of the areas you are fighting against?  
Stop believing - doubt instead.

Episode 13: September 11, 2014

If you were expecting me to go into some cheap nostalgia rant on 9/11 then you might just want to stop now.  Yes I remember.  But I also remember the lies that followed.  The corruption that was discovered and then forgiven.  Jobs lost, live taken and veterans put out onto the streets confused over false promises.  I will always support the human race, I just refuse to support corporate greed in our government structure.

What I want to talk about is choice.  Drawing that proverbial line.  Wondering when the people have finally have had enough.  I have mentioned before about The Plan.  It isn't as complicated as it my seem; nor as whack-job-conspiracy-nut as it imply.  It is simple, and for the citizens of the USA, is hard written in our Constitution.

Imagine if the people finally had enough of being the laughing stock of the globe.  Having our debt now at the mercy of foreign nations.  Seeing our education system become a joke.  Feeling like no matter what we, the people, try to do that corruption and greed will always prevail.  Seeing our friends and family poisoned by pharmaceuticals because that is "legal" but not being allowed the option to take care of your own body; a skill that as a race we have performed very successfully for more than 200,000 years before the science of pharmaceuticals.  Watching legal addictions allowed to happen that will only kill but as long as a profit is being made not having a voice.  Want more?  I have a feeling that everyone of you reading this probably have at least 5 new ones that you could add with very little thought. 

Well some of us have had enough.  But what can you do when every politician's career is now measured in how many scandals?  None are immune it seems. But what to do to give people a choice, allow them to show their disgust and demonstrate that the government runs as it does because we have allowed that to happen thus far.  So let us take it all back, make 3 simple changes and immediately give it back.

I can hear the collective :"What?"

Whatever the problem, and those are too numerous to list, it can be tied to a compromising mentality in our government.  This is due to the fact that politics has become a career not a public service. The only way to show the level of disgust is to follow the rules given to us by the Constitution is to take over the government and immediately give it back.  This can be done on county, state and federal level.  If each politician is only worried about the constituents, and not the people, then your voice is being ignored.  Poverty and sickness dominate this country yet has the weakest voice of them all politically.  

Now imagine if you had an option when voting.  The candidate that only had an agenda of 3 areas with a social contract with the people to not only to refuse any re-election but the exact second those three areas have been sufficiently addressed, their willing and eager resignation follows.  A public servant who refuses to be a public figure.  A person who will do what they are told, not tell you what they want to do.  Someone who has no care of what people think of them since they are only following the will of the people.  Giving the vox populi a voice.  If you honestly had a choice to elect that person then would you?

We have heard the complaints.  The crying. Many cases the whining and finger pointing.  The arguments of "What can we do about it?" being repeated over and over.  Sound familiar?  We know why you allowed this to happen.  Being told everything is functioning normally while each year a small part of your life is being eroded so the few can make decisions for the many.  You see the government as a complex situation where you are glad to have someone else do that work, yet complain when things go horribly wrong.  Like atomic decay, it always has hasn't it?

So now you will have a choice.  The 3 areas for state level, Indiana, could easily be used for national level.

1) Public schools are for the public.  They are not daycare services for your child.  Any anti-social physical behavior caught on security camera or witnessed by a teacher will call for the immediate expulsion of the person violating such simple guidelines.  For one year the child in question will be banned from all schools that fall under the category of "public" schools.  These are your schools.  Your children deserve to be safe.  These institutions are for learning not to terrorize or harm the children of society.  The list of offenses should be very clear.  Kids will be kids so some pushing and arguing is expected.  Fights involving more than one person needs counseling but physical acts where there is only one aggressor (a.k.a. "bullies" ) will no longer be tolerated. Verbal bullies will be given three chances.  Not warnings.  First reprimand is one on one with principal to make sure the child in question understands what is waiting for them if they continue down this path, as well as verbal confirmation that the parents/guardians are aware of the infraction.  Second reprimand will engage a probation status.  If counseling is needed by request of parent/guardians then it will be provided.  Probation will last for one calendar year now matter the advancement of grades by the child.  Third infraction of the same serious nature will result in the expulsion from all public schools.  If you are determined to be anti-social then you must be anti-social somewhere else.  The schools are for learning.

2) Education is always promised to be important every election yet the education system spirals out of control every year.  Since this promise has been made for decades, and you have voted in hopes that would happen, then education will be the number two expense.  Whatever the top expense is then education will have the same budget less $1.  A much tougher licensing board needs to be evolved.  A teaching license needs to be viewed with higher reverence than passing the bar or medical licenses.  Standardized testing will then be removed from all public schools if the school in question so desires to pursue a new direction.  Innovation is needed, not conformity.

3) Veterans who have served our country with honor will be taken cared of without argument once they have been discharged.  If they need help re-integrating into society (health, counseling, medical, small business creation for example) then it will be given.  This is also due to the part of the continual broken promises made by our career politicians.  If programs involving pro bono lawyers and doctors can be created where the veterans receive the best support that equivalent money could have bought then that direction would be wise to pursue.  A higher quality of life (QOL) can be attained for far less than one can believe.  If aquaponics and home based vendors of a simple agricultural nature can be established then this network could be used to provide immediate support.  Food, clothing and shelter will go very far to provide for our veterans without paying for multilevel dysfunctional governmental structure.  The people will take care of their people.  In addition, if the people take care of their people, then the people have earned the right to make any decision they so choose in the privacy of their home/apartment/dwelling.  Government choices made by the few will not be forced upon the masses.  If the veterans and homeless could have a significant improved health and well being and willingly remove themselves from the welfare system then the welfare system could be used for times of dire need.  

These areas, once worded to the satisfaction of the public, are not open to negotiations or compromise.  These will be changes to state Constitutions if necessary or federal level additions to the Bill of Rights.  Privacy, right to choose and protecting our children while protecting our future is key at this juncture.  

So how would this happen on a state level?  Federal level?  Easy.  You talk to other people.  You make certain that even the homeless are registered to vote.  You help organize voting stations and absentee ballots for as many people as you can.  You help the people that once thought their voices were taken away from them to be heard loud and clear.

We, the people, take back our government.  No campaigning.  No finances needed.  No donations.  No one then has the right to tell the public servant what to do or how to alter laws.  In exchange, by the way, the public servant will be afforded privacy rights since they are not doing this to be a public figure.  The public figure has a social contract.  To push as hard as they can to attain the aforementioned 3 areas then immediately resign.  Any ensuing chaos is nothing compared to the mess that is already in place.  In fact if it is obvious that a vacancy will be available then you will enjoy the show as the career politicians start their campaign of lies to grab the vacant offices.  

How is even simpler.  If someone knocks on your door, a friend tells you about a public servant candidate or you see a website showing the candidates then your choice is quite clear.  Vote and help others register to vote.  If you are passionate about the change then help others so their voices will be heard.  On a federal level 247 people will control 51% of the government.  State level varies state to state.  But if each district had a volunteer to be a public servant, maybe even be one of those homeless veterans that feel that they have been ignored, then you vote for the change.  No need for campaigns or debates of lies.  These are the people willing to be the target for your sake.  If people are willing to give their lives to protect this country from foreign invaders as a tenet of their being then it is easy to assume that there are those who will be willing to face the few to represent the many. 

But if you run then you must agree to abdicate the moment the 3 areas have been attained or it is obvious it will not go quickly.  A willing impeachment clause if you will.  If you represent the people then when your duty has been performed, go back home and live your life.  In return no interviews.  No campaigning.  No debates.  No reporters.  

So it is now up to you.  Personally I will fill any role needed.  But seeing that someone needs to go first then consider this my basis of your social contract with your public servant:

I will represent the will of the people on a state or federal level.  Even as higher offices such as governor or president of the USA.  I will immediately announce my resignation upon completion or obvious resistance of the career politicians.  In exchange I refuse any public display of my life.  I will agree to interviews but see no need since the people will sign me up for the ballot.  The people will vote for the change; not waste their vote on a person/party.  If anyone wants to know personal areas of my life then they just need to ask.  Since my personal beliefs are not the driving force then my personal aspect has nothing to do with being a public servant for the people.

I have no fear of ridicule.  That is just their point of view.  Any reporter who wants to dig dirt on me needs to be warned:  Anybody who says they know me will tell you to ask me those same questions.  Anyone who answers your questions therefore does not know me.  Any dirt you may dig up on me I can assure with great confidence that I have twice as much on the person supplying such details.  Since I am not doing this to be a public figure, there is precedence by the way, then any violation of my privacy will be met with legal action.. I will even allow the lawyers who take the case to keep most of the money they sue for as long as 50% of the amount acquired is donated to programs that feed/shelter the homeless. 

You are not voting for a person.  You are voting for a change.  Now just imagine if in one election 51% of the government was taken over by the public servants.  The message is quite clear when we all resign simultaneously:  The government belongs to the people not the individuals.

If you think this is just some publicity stunt then think of the nightmare that is waiting for us, your public servants.  If viewed as a personal threat we will be assassinated.  Do not think that would not happen.  The strength of this is that the idea is being voted for, never the person.  The message needs to be sent that we, the people, have awoken.  It matters not the name on the ballot.  We'll leave once we clean up some of the mess that you have made.  Freedom of choice is now up to you.

So if you want to be one of the public servants then stand beside me.  Go to your state ballot website and look up what your state requires to get your name on the ballot.  
If you want change but want the minimal responsibility, retaining your anonymity then just vote.  
If you want to do something in between then:
Help register as many people as possible- even challenging any local laws that might dissuade the poor/homeless from being able to register.
Start a website to allow a central point of who is volunteering in what district.  State or federal.
Talk to people.
Give feedback on the wording of the 3 areas.
Be ready to remove any public servant that decides to stay in office, an act that will violate the public contract.

I do hope you realize just by some short reading that this plan actually can work.  If anything it will expose a great deal of corruption in the voting process that can be used for legal fuel.  Or changes.  Like the federal level electoral college.  If 60+% of the votes puts a person such as myself into the office of the president yet fail to win because of a few people making decisions for the masses - then you now have a very clear view of what needs to be changed.

By the way if I do get forms to sign to be on 2016 presidential ballot then you best ask Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren.  One of them should be VP since I will be announcing my resignation upon accepting, enacting an emergency law to empower the current VP with all the powers of the office of presidency effective immediately.  I chose those two because one has the political savvy from trial by fire (Clinton- need much more be said on those interesting years as first lady) but my hope is that Elizabeth Warren would allow herself the dignity, and humility, of being a voice of the people.  Besides, 200+ years of males hasn't worked- might as well give the females a shot right?

If you want this to happen just do.  No money.  This is the day of immediate communication.  Cell phones and social media.  You have no excuses now.  I will stand in the target as long as you support my right to privacy as a public servant.  We the people will not worry about their complaints on money.  

If you think this is a joke then I advise you to watch the ballots.  When you see the name David J. Ginn appear then you now know that you have a choice.  That other people have made a choice,  That people like yourself are fed up with the lies.  That there is only now.  So what will you do?  If you do not do everything in your power to enforce the change (i.e. just vote) then you have to get used to a phrase uttered by those who did vote for a message:  "Shut up."  

No more whining.  No more pointing fingers.  I am game to go through hell for you if you will stand beside me - not behind me.  

Feel free to use my email for ideas on wording or information on any site where we, the people, can go and see who is doing what.

email me at: nomorelies@hybponline.com  re: We The People

Peace be with you.


Your public servant,

David J. Ginn

Episode 12: September 7, 2014

Dear those using the nomme de Internet 'Anonymous' & all others who say something needs to be "done",

Time to call your bluff.

Did you know that with 247 people you could change the entire course of the United States of America?  A mere 247 people.
247 people  to change the world if you even wanted to do so.
Crying about bullying?  Find a person.
Tired of how they treat our veterans who risked all for us?  Find a person.
Ashamed of what the government has become?  Look for a person.
Sick to your stomach at the level of stupidity we have allowed our education system to become? Search until you have found a person.

I speak of The Plan but I have also learned that many people say they want to help but will flat out refuse to do anything to make a change happen.  Oh they will buy a ribbon or talk about a Youtube video.  Maybe even click a link after they watch someone getting ice water dumped on them (or any video with kittens I bet).  But when you want to make a change in the government, sitting around wishing we could all get along hasn't worked yet has it?  Sorry but this peace and love solution didn't work in the late 60's either did it?  Social awakening worked the quickest.

If a man in homespun could show an occupying government that they are not in control by allowing the people a way to show their unity then you might be shocked that we have that ability already provided to us.  It is in our Constitution, did you know that?  It is one of the many things no longer taught by the way.  Yay standardized testing right?

So 247 people.  In fact if you want to really send a message then 487 people would guarantee such a change in public opinion that you would be truly, finally, free.  

But this would require you to actually do something like talk to people NOT on the internet.  Actual people you do not know.  Maybe people that do not visit the chat/pages you do.  Someone with a different POV but the same pain as us all.  But nothing more than a few words is needed.  Such a simple little task.  Simple and easy.  Yet I bet with all of your talk, you won't get involved.

So I pick up the social gauntlet you have thrown.  I challenge all of you.  You want change?  Serious change that from something so simple AND you can remain anonymous?  All anonymous except for those 247 people that is.  

No TV shows, no Youtube, no websites, no APPS will be needed.  You can if you so wish but they don't work as effective as you think they do.  The Plan is open to all and needs all who have finally have had enough.  The more we get the closer we get to making a change that again, it bears repeating, will shake a country's idea of political power to it's very core.

So you want to remain anonymous?  Fine.  Keep making videos in a mask.  You want change?  Email me with honesty, sincerity and a willingness to actually do something.

247 people.

Actually 246 people.  I have already committed myself in my city.

So 246 people who will be the face of your anonymity.  The steps to be taken are ready for action.  Just need people who can actually make a decision to take simple action.

Just going to take a pen and a piece of paper.

But I guess that is too much work for you now isn't it?

It's put up or shut up time.  If you are aware and choose inaction then you must shut up.  You had your chance and you chose the current status quo. 

Feel free to email me for a copy of the steps needed at:
re: The Plan

If all in for what you read then feel free to share it with everyone you know.  Just a click of a mouse.  Can't make things any easier than a pen, paper and a mouse click now can we?  So you have the courage to actually enact change or do want to just whine about <insert whatever area here>.

I am going forward.  I will gladly be one of those 247.  Without question.  
What about you?

Episode 11: September 1, 2014

Ok I get it:
You want help but you won't believe me when I say I beat Fibromyalgia.
You want help but refuse to believe that someone may have a more long term solution than band aid fix to problems.
You want help but only if they do what you want, limiting your options for different points of view.
You want help but since I am not on TV or endeavor to be a Youtube "star" I must be a nobody. Therefore I must not know what I am talking about.
You say you want to change <insert area here> but only if someone magically understands what you are thinking.
You want people to lead because you would rather follow.
Followers hide behind leaders. 
Guess what other character flaw hides?

1987 to present: average 40hrs a week for safe estimate. 51 weeks per year. That is my training. I learn by instructing others and observing. 55,080 hours and growing. It is higher than that since I was working 70-80hr weeks for about 10 years.

I have dedicated myself to empowering people. Not motivating. Not inspiring. I have trained multi-millionaires all the way to a divorced battered mother of 5. Every single one of them learned the same exact way. Secretaries, nurses, lawyers, doctors, engineers, house wives, salespeople.  From USA, Ethiopa, China, Australia, Japan, South America, Mexico, Puerto Rico, UK, France, Canada, Middle East, Iceland are just some of the people I had the pleasure of helping and learning from as an unexpected benefit.

Talk is cheap. 
So do you honestly want to make a change that will not only send a message to <insert your passionate problem here> but to the world? To finally say that "We, the people of this planet, have had enough!" 

What I have stumbled upon, quite by accident, would be a way to draw so much attention to the plight of the decent human being that it would be impossible to ignore.
But since I just listen - what do I know.

Need proof? I dare you to listen in return. I also implore you to prove it wrong with all your soul. Every chink in the plan that proves to be a weakness therefore becomes a strength by shoring it up or steering the course of the domino's. 

I dare you.

Fed up? spread it around. Chances are your belief is only for those on Youtube or TV. Not for the people worldwide who are also suffering; who don't have a voice.

I so dare you to prove this plan won't work. But to do that you will have to think, act and talk to people.

Scary huh?

By the way - according to world hunger statistics ( http://www.wfp.org/hunger/stats): 10 children have just died from malnutrition by the time you finished reading this. (my average time was 1minute 45seconds). 

Episode 10: August 20, 2014

Make a decision

Dear society,
I followed your rules. I did what you said was safe. I believed in the system that you said would protect us. I worked as hard as I could to pay my taxes and social security. I purchased your mass produced foods so you could make a profit in the guise of "making my life easier." You have made my family addicted to your cigarettes, forcing me to just watch as they slowly kill themselves while you still make your profit.
I lost my ability to ride my bike, to go out dancing and play the guitar. I took your drugs, approved by the FDA, and suffered excruciating chest pains. I had your MRI of my brain only to have debilitating pain caused by your dye you injected. My diagnosis has ranged from arthritis to fibromyalgia with touches of syncope and possible coma level diabetic reactions. I was chair bound for almost 4 years.
I lost the opportunity to teach my son many things during those years. Things that may seem trivial to some but I spent my entire life dreaming of the moment I could have a son and be the father I never had. I had to leave a career because of insufferable body reactions to an unknown source. I couldn't hold down even a cubicle telemarketing job due to the pain.
You denied me disability. You denied me my social security. You took all you could and never gave back one iota. You are greedy liars of a selfish nature that transcends human understanding. 
You stole my life.
I reject your advice, authority and knowledge. I believe that you hold the dollar higher than any service to humanity. Everything you know is a lie; Lies that have permeated our very construction of society. Lies so strong that even when someone cures the ailments you have caused, no one believes. A society that will believe in an invisible power but discredit what their own eyes behold.
I have shunned your system of medicine, preservatives and mass production food sources. I only eat the food I make from scratch. Limiting the amount of "acceptable" toxic metal poisoning. I have discovered a simple detox to purge your corruption from my very cells. I disavow that you have any real authority over how I treat my body in my house. I have chosen as much nature cures as I can.
Now I am riding a bike for almost 20min at a time. Looked with earnest for a place to take my wife dancing. Walked at GENCON for 7hrs on Thursday, 3 hours on Friday and 8 hours on Saturday. I am now picking up the guitar again to rebuild my callouses. 
Your way created "fibromyalgia" and my way cured your diagnosis. 
You have a choice people. 
Make one.

EPISODE 9: August 6, 2014

Personal Choice  POV

 As promised from conversations as of late: Rise and fall of my Fibromyalgia...or was it syncope.. or maybe it was the arthritis.. or was it the diabetic coma's?  Take your pick.  I went from a cyclist who could bang out 600miles/week without a problem, work 60-80hrs/week as a ballroom dance instructor with ease and be able to dance every night away until 3 or 4a.m.  Not a problem.  Then the pain crept into my life.  Along with was lack of control of my muscles.  Inability to stand for more than a few minutes without a cane.  Unable to sit upright for any length of time.  No job I could do, no doctor to give me any med's for the pain (all would diagnose me with something but not give me anything for it by the way) and ended up stuck in my la-z-boy for almost 4 years solid.  I firmly believed that this "disease" called fibromyalgia by the medical community was the end of everything that I came to love, my raison d'etre if you will.  That was every painfully aware second of my life for over 13 years.  Taking medication when I could ever get some to only have those same meds knock me to the floor with chest pains.  Go to the hospital for a look into my brain (was even diagnosed as having seizures instead of the diabetic reaction I was intermittently having), get injected by something so they could MRI my skull then to go home and collapse on the floor due to an absolutely excruciating pain behind my left eye; deep inside my brain.  So much for their Hippocratic oath.  Hypocritical seems a better definition.  As to why, when called in a near panic I had been told to just "stop taking them" without any care that I was totally freaking out thinking I was about to die.  Alone.  Then a defensive hospital trying to dismiss that my NEVER before experienced brain pain was not in anyway connected to the injection I had just mere hours before.

So any of this sound familiar to you, my rather disgruntled audience?

I had enough.  I trusted the system and it tried to kill me.  I trusted our officials and they ruined any chance of getting a job since I was only seen as sales after 9/11 happened.  I had a newborn son, a loving wife who cried many nights about how we were going to lose our house and I could do nothing to help but be a burden financially.  Depressed and feelings of total failure flew over me like waves of hopelessness.  My ever so supportive wife took whatever job she could find, from setting appointments up for a window company part time to any temp agency work she could get.  Oh did I mention we were also starving somewhat with zero medical coverage?  When you get a call from a despondent spouse because she had to eat a teething cookie just to get something in her stomach so she could continue to nurse our son, you tend to look at your pride differently.  Enter our wonderful welfare system.

So yea, to those of you total a$$ hats out there that think if you are on welfare you are lazy by nature, I will GLADLY give you my address so I can come over and punch you dead in the face.  Repeatedly.  Yes I agree there are those who abuse all systems.  Look at the rich conviction rate when they can afford more expensive lawyers.  But since my wife and I had a deep discussion before we decided to have children that only one of us would ever work, no matter how bad things got financially.  Our children would always know the security of having a parent always home.  Always ready to answer the phone.  Always ready to help at a moments notice.  A stay at home parent whose job is the children.  Grades, manners and growing up was the agenda.  But what do you care right?  We were welfare people, I had a "disease" that no one would officially sign their name on so no benefits of any sorts.  When we finally scraped enough money together to replace our entire sewer line (about $7K) the welfare dept. cancelled us.  And I quote "since you can save that much you don't need this."  Less than a year later after we depleted our savings to just afford basics - the sewer line collapsed like we knew it would.  So now it is back to welfare all the while trying to find a way to pay for $7k in repairs.

So if I seem skeptical at any persons so called "belief" it is because I have seen society as a machine and it sucks.  I followed your rules and got shafted.  I did what I was told and got sick.  I worked harder than many people will ever do in their entire life (and more if you believe in reincarnation) and get to see that any SSI benefits I should have been entitled to were never made available.  So yes, I thin society as a whole is a cowardly lot of sheople (yes sheople.. sheep+people).  My disgust for humanity reached an all time high.  So now I had to prove all of you wrong.  The system is broken yet no one challenges for change.  Lied to every election yet you believe each time you have to decide on a vote.  Your facetious faith in the FDA, or I should say the Big Pharma controlled FDA.  But the only way I could do anything was to prove that by having a choice I could beat these ailments.  But how?

Thus began my journey as a problem solver.  Not much you can do when you are stuck to a chair.  As I researched I saw that yes there was a rise in this "disease" but it basically came out of nowhere.  Meaning it did not have a genetic disposition.  Along with that was the discovery of an alarming rise of juvenile arthritis.  That bears repeating: juvenile arthritis.  then I saw it as not as a disease but as a reaction.  Like the oh so forgotten FDA flub where a mercury base preservative was used for vaccines.  Huge outbreak of autism later and they changed it, but no lawsuits were ever pursued with diligence against the FDA, all big pharma and every politician that voted for the changes made to our "drug program."  

A simple thought occurred that what if all my ailments (that came out of nowhere) were just reactions to something ingested or missing?  Through the wonderful world of gaming, I met a man on the other side of the planet that had a much worse problem than I with his health but it was due to mercury poisoning.  Mainly because of his choices of medicines and food options.  His help lead me to some websites about heavy metal poisonings and wouldn't you know it- so many of fibromyalgia symptoms are actually a result of toxic metal build up.  But hey at least those toxic metals were under what the FDA has determined as "safe."  Makes you feel all fuzzy doesn't it? Baaaaaaaaaa...

So here is the gist of about 4-6 years of blind guess researching:

Posit: Fibromyalgia is not a real disease.  The symptoms are too close to heavy metal poisoning (queue Styx: Kilroy album).
If that is true then: What can be done to remove/detox my system?
If that can be found then: What will I need to look for after I detox myself?
If those were true then: What do we need to do as a family to remove, or at least, lower our exposure to YOUR approved levels of heavy metals in our food supply?

So for detox I thank the MYTHBUSTERS for this one: Huge shout out for your jailbreak episode with alka seltzers.  When you didn't have enough you essentially made your own with citric acid and baking soda.  Well a little research into that and you see that the chemical remaining after those 2 combined in water/juice acts like a magnet to many of the heavy metals.   Since the government lied about safety - I had nothing to lose in experimenting on myself only.  A simple 1/4 TSPN of each in my water every day for a few days to start.  Almost immediately I felt a slight resurgence of energy.  Still hurt like a mutha but my energy and depression angst were nowhere near what they used to be.  But as I learned, this chemical made so simply is still a drug to the body.  Once you don't feel that change you need to stop - it does act like a pseudo blood thinner of sorts.  Binge too long on chips? Detox time!  Too tired to cook so you open a can or a box?  Detox time!

The next stage was to deal with as much pain and emotional angst (re: depression of impressive magnitude).  I used my old book, HERBALY YOURS, to discover that catnip was used on humans far longer than a commercial product to be used to gain your disposable income.  Local grocery had a container of organic catnip ("Kitty Can't Cope" - great name) and I put a pinch under my tongue.  The taste was nothing to be upset about.  Almost tasted like the alfalfa I grew up around.  It didn't do much for the pain per se but it did just give me a better mood about what was in front of me.

For actual pain, I am not legally allowed to say since the Victorian laws of my state forbid anything you can just let mother nature grow.  Man made deadly chemicals are ok since someone is making a profit.  But seeds in dirt.. well that has to be bad.  So let's just say I dealt with the pain when the pain was insurmountable.

Now I still had the problem of why I hurt so much but at the oddest times.  That and weather systems tore me up.  I was overly sensitive to any change of the weather.  Being in Indianapolis I can say that the phrase "If you don't like the weather just wait" is true here.  So I was having horrific pain, like the fibro trying to make a comeback, but the severity kept changing.  I knew we were onto something but not sure what.  Then my illumination of thinking- chase down problems until you find the area that is tied to all areas but nothing leads to that same area.  Basically problem origination thinking.  The answer has been in front of us for over a decade.  Nerves.  The nerves were not behaving correctly so therefor there must be something missing that the nerves needed.  So the search into NERVE HEALTH began.  Come to find out that the heavy metals tended to speed up the "drainage" of some metals like magnesium and copper.  As well as others.  For my pains I discovered this simple formula:

Pinto beans (for balance of soluble & insoluble fiber)
Spinach (for my magnesium)
Walnuts as a snack (for my copper)
Learning how easy it was to can homemade salsa (tomato, garlic, green/yellow/white onions and spinach- pureed)
Storing 1-2 cups of homemade bean dip from pinto beans in our deep freezer inside freezer quart bags.

Whenever I felt tired- I ate my salsa.  Whenever the pain was getting to me and the food wasn't doing it's job: pinto bean dip. Whenever I had my coma/food pass outs: walnuts.  Copper, magnesium and a balance of fiber.

Within seven days after adding the last component (walnuts) all my pain left.  Started losing weight and even bough a crappy bike to start riding again.  Will even take my wife out dancing soon I feel.  In less than 12 months I went from being a depressed stay at home dad that barely endured each waking moment to now - riding a bike, no cane, no walker, enjoyed a night out of the house after 13 years with my lovely wife, no longer bound to my la-z-boy, can sleep flat again and the weather has almost no effect on my nerves anymore.  Heck I may even pick up my guitar soon.  You try playing acoustic when even silk shirts hurt to feel.  Now try pressing a wire into your fingers (even with callouses that hurts).

So in a nutshell:

Society big pharma FDA rules: sick and almost killed me.  13 years stolen from my life by believing "government" rules.
My choice to treat myself with non mass produced foods: Damn near cured.

I am symptom free.  My only flare ups are when I just can't resist the binge urge and there are a bag of chips too close.  

So detox, research, diet change and if you did not make it- don't eat it!  So I learned how easy it is to make home made: pizza's, bread sticks, cinnamon bread, cinnamon bread as french toast, marshmallows, candies, brown sugar, salsa, bean dip, cheese dips, cheese, yogurt and the list goes on and on.  I now have all the flavors of my favorite junk food while improving my health by leaps and bounds.

It was my choice.  As it should have always been.  As it should be for every single one of us that feel like the system has lied to us.  

I am healed and I am never going back.

To quote Psyche...Suck it.

EPISODE 8: July 23, 2014

Motivational, Inspirational vs Empowerment  POV

I have made it no secret my slight disdain for the motivational speaker profession.  Inspirational speakers are not that much further behind.  I have been to the seminars.  Been to the huge gatherings.  Read the books.  Listened to the tapes (yes I said tapes).  But it wasn’t until a defining moment that I realized that a motivational/inspirational speaker was missing something. 

They both say the correct things.  The message has enough clarity that on the surface you can do nothing but agree.  But when you start studying words you start seeing a very interesting pattern.

They always repeat the same information but just use different word combination and format to make it new.  Being in the free market system as we are, we are programmed to respond with a Pavlovian response when we hear “positive thinking” or highly energetic “You can do anything you set your mind to accomplish!”  Some part of the brain goes fuzzy and we have delusions of grandeur of how we are going to take on the world.  Funny thing though.  You know who gets the most out of motivational training?

The person selling the service/books.

Recently I had the privilege of reading some itemization of qualities of successful people.  Long list that had subtopics.  All of which were correct.  But one that caught my eye also gave me an absolute clarity of what it was that irritated me about Mot/Inspir speakers/books/seminars.  They tell you the what.  They just leave out the how.  The subtopic in question was an area that I have devoted decades of study.  It just said “Good problem solving skills.”  Like that is such a small little area that now you should be successful. 

I looked and looked but that was all they said about problem solving.  Just that you need it is all.  Problem solving is a very complex area in many cases.  Many people are reactionary so whatever misfortune has hit them in the face is the “problem.”  But what caused that problem to initiate in the first place?  If that problem came from another act then isn’t that act more important to solve than the problem in your face?  A problem destined to repeat itself since the causation of the problem still exists. 

I believe in problem eradicating by finding the source of the problem.  I cannot begin to convey how many times I would have to peel back 3, 5, 10 or more connections and layers to discover what was actually causing the problem.  Once I fixed where it came from the problem disappeared and a benefit took over.  Yes I said that as well.  Whatever is causing the problem is creating a negative impact on your life/business/etc.  But what if the origination of said problem was altered so it is still producing but now the results are highly beneficial rather than an obstacle?  Are you telling me you would rather risk problems constantly repeating, draining your desire to continue the fight than admit that the seminar you paid to go to only showed you the direction YOU need to discover.  You didn’t learn how to solve the problem just how to face the result of said problem.

Wouldn’t it be worth it to be able to turn problems upside down to make them produce positive impacts instead of negative?  Anyone care to tell me why that question even needs to be asked?  On a side note: Next episode is about decisions. 

I have a good case in point of the largest misnomer in the motivational mindset: GOALS.

Dear lord if I could just get people to stop saying they have all their “goals” planned out.  A goal, beyond the sport equivalent scoring potential, is a past tense word.  It is a defining moment.  Wouldn’t you agree?  That a goal needs to be an epic conclusion to extreme work?  That the goal needs to be something that wakes you up before the alarm clock some morning because you had a quick insight on how to get closer to that target?  Sounds like a goal to me, how about you?

But how can anyone achieve anything when they have “goals” pulling them in all directions?  How can you get anything accomplished when one goal requires a skillset and/or time that will detract from another one of your precious goals?

Mind you I am not saying goals are bad – just overused.  A misnomer that causes people to stop thinking ahead to achieve greatness.  Oh I achieved my goal!  Now I just need to accomplish the other 4 or 5 that I wrote down in my goal diary.  If you are serious about achieving monumental changes in your life, hopefully affecting others in a positive way, then I have a word that we can build on that should help a great deal: Objectives.

I’ll wait while you get all your life, business, family, personal goal sheets.  <whistles Jeopardy theme>  Ready?

Look at those goals.  If a goal is a final destination then how come you have more than one?  If a goal just leads to another goal then it is by definition not a goal then is it?  It is an objective.  It is a stepping stone that winds its way through a myriad of problems to attain the next step.  Easiest way is to draw whatever geometric shape that has sides matching the number of goals you have.  Let’s just say you have four to cover the main areas.  Draw that shape and label each corner/point.  Put a huge dot dead center.  That dot is you.  The energy and effort you put into a goal pulls you to that corner and further away from others.  Now put a point anywhere outside of that and create a goal to end all goals.  A goal that requires all four of the previously listed to be accomplished before the main one can be attained.  Hard to do on paper isn’t it?  There is a reason for this.

Objectives, like problems, are three dimensional.  But unlike goals, objectives are like toy building sets; they love locking into place with likeminded objectives.  Build those objectives in a specific fashion to see how they start reaching for something.  Imagine all four of those previous goals are now objectives growing in the direction of your ultimate goal.  Yes all your current “goals” should be aimed at attaining something huge.  Perhaps it will help you visualize it as a goal is on top of objectives.  Like a beautiful marble statue being supported by an elegantly simple pedestal.  Or a picture that needs four sides to frame it perfectly.

Design your objectives, which can be as many as you need, to support/chase/connect to a truly inspiring goal.  Try and just keep one real goal and convert the rest into objectives.  Then just start asking and researching on how the current objective needs to travel to intersect the others to acquire said target goal. 

So I guess if I was a motivational/inspirational speaker I would have just said – you need a bigger goal and better problem solving skills or just a stronger positive look on things is all.  Hopefully, if have not lost you, you can see that setting goals to be attained by objectives while reversing the negative impacts of problem originations is a tad more complex than just being told isn’t it?  I never doubt what these ‘professionals’ say is true.  They just lack the something to allow them to accurately train the individual to have greater competence on problem solving.  As well as goal/objective setting. 

Which leaves me with my created profession: Self Empowerment Consultant.  My job is to train the individual.  Yes I could do mass meetings but the length of the meeting would be enormous since the more people involved is the more POV that need to be taken into question.  To truly be free of the grip of “all I need to do is JUST…” is to see how complex everything is.  But seeing the complexity shows you the pathways for objectives.  If anything the more you see the better you see where you need to put your energies to maximize your time.  Imagine being able to just solve problems, not be struck down by bad luck, being able to face any crisis with great strength and always keep moving you, your family, business or combination thereof, ever moving forward. 

Never having a problem you could not beat.

Never having a situation that is uncontrollable.

Never having to feel the strong pull of depression because you just will never fail.  Ever.

I don’t know about you but that sounds nice so far.  In fact that is my life.  A life of experiences that I need to pass onto others so they can be free of stress, depression and doubt.  Yes I have my own objectives to head to the epic goal I have set for myself.  So helping others, believe it or not, is just an objective for me.  Might be a goal for others though right?

A final little bit of fact that you can do on your own with the advent of the internet.  Look up all the people you follow.  For example – if you are really into motivational books/speakers then just find the names of the top 3-5 people.  Research how long they have been doing that profession.  How many books have they sold?  How many seminars do they hold?  How many people are at those seminars?  Add all those numbers up and you might be impressed by the literal millions of people introduced to that area.  Millions easily.  Depending how far you go back you might get into tens of millions or more.  So I have a question then:

If 10,000,000 people have used that service then why aren’t there 10 million successful people who have reached that personal Nirvana?  10 million accomplished problem solvers would do wonders for our planet, let alone a single country now wouldn’t it?  What if 10 million epic goals were achieved because everyone just maintained a positive attitude?  Would we have a devastatingly large number of children die every day due to lack of something as simple as food, water and shelter?

So where are these millions and millions of success stories?

When you are ready for self empowerment, feel free to drop me a line.  You will be surprised at what you will discover with a simple email or phone call. 

When you are ready for freedom I will be right here waiting for you to do the hardest thing ever: Ask.








EPISODE 7: July 20, 2014

Business versus Personal POV

A saying I overheard ages ago still holds true.  "Business is business, personal is personal."  If there ever was a choke point for efficient use of manhours (40hrs*<number of workers that week>) it is when the business gets personal and the employees/bosses try and bring personal into a business.  Oil and water - only mixture I have seen of those two is a homogeneous mixture called mayonnaise.  yes I would like a business.. hold the mayo!

This is a two stage process.  The realm of the business should be governed by universal codes that all employees know because it is an easy list - not a dissertation.  It is more of what is expected and what is not allowed sort of guidelines.  Allowing a person their individuality will create a better work environment but the strictness of guidelines will direct that to an efficient day.  So business needs people and while we mere mortals rely on the free market system we need businesses.  So let's cover some key areas.

Now this symbiotic relationship requires that the employees respect that a business decision sometimes has to be made.  Either fix whatever problem is happening or accept the decision.  Now this does not take into account scam artists and sales-by-day sleazy yet prosaic businesses.  Just an ideal way of increasing efficiency by removing tiny blocks caused by poor communication.  To be a valued employee you must understand the business and why the customers chose you.  As a business you must reward all who qualify with individually based rewards for high efficiency rating (or whatever your business does to track workload accomplished).  More on these avenues later.

I was wondering what to talk about since wife was on vacation for a few days so my daily life was changed.  For the better in my opinion.  We were also planning on celebrating with a quiet dinner out sans kids for our 15th wedding anniversary.  Well long story short let's just say my anniversary gift to my wife was a deductible bill because I decided my focus wanted to play quarter panel footsies with her Cruz.  Her new Cruz.  Her first-ever-in-her-life-brand-brand-new-car that was only a few months old.  Reason why I love my wife, and why we get along, is she sees things differently but same perspective.  This was money, it was an accident so the budget wheels were turning and phone calls made.  Her first words were "it's just a car."  We used my apparently feral focus to still enjoy a great evening out.  Business is business (money) and personal is personal (our first real night out in 13 years, literally).

This approach can help you accomplish a lot just by looking at the tasks at hand as just that: tasks at hand.  Just jobs the business needs accomplished so it can have a chance at growth.  If that job is performed with great efficiency you will see more time creep into your otherwise crappy day.  But as a business goes, the best way to reward employees to fulfilling the need to hire due to growth demands being placed as objectives for the current crew force.  Any business owner will tell you that an efficient workforce is a nice thing to have.  

I can sense the thoughts of "wait a minute, is this a business class?" creeping into some skulls.  OK that number just increased because you just now thought of that.  

The beauty of my life has always been my luck to be in positions to meet an incredible number of unique people.  The biggest secret I learned that propelled me to a great income on the lowest part of the pay pole was keeping my emotions out of the business transaction.  I might have to empathize that maybe the timing is horrid but the decision to continue is still theirs, not mine.  Just return whatever respect I give back and understand as a business I need to know what you would like to do.  There is no tomorrow in a business.  Tomorrow is always affected by today so screw tomorrow, just make today count.  Think back to a business that you saw in your life.  A business that was clear to be a hit; ready to launch itself.  But at the height of the growth it just seems to implode.  The managers start yelling at employees more frequently for not having <insert tracking number here>.  Then that little virus of misunderstanding takes a firm root.  And as inevitable as atomic decay the business has horrible production even though the number of opportunities/clients is at a great flow.  Soon the excitement buzz fades away like any fad of the new.  Leaving a clueless employee force being governed by a business living in the past of what used to be done to try and attain those ever fleeting "goals."  Raise your hand if you have seen this implosion take place.  Raise both hands if you were directly involved with an imploding new business.  Step to the head of the class if you were the one that started one up.

So now that the understanding of how fragile a business is (even with those oh so important business plans in their folders/binders).  What say we do some simple short story role play. RP to us gamers.  Let's say you have a business that has sales as a main factor.  This could be also be areas like production unit rate, reports processed, etc.  For simple and easy math let's just say that your small business has 10 employees that have been generating $100 per customer they speak to that week.  Again for the easy part let's say they were seeing just 10 people on average.  That little 100$ is now $10,000 for that average to be true isn't it?  But here is the rub:  How many of those 10 did they need to buy to get that $100 average?  Again let's just keep it even at 50% of the people spending $200 each (yes math <ugh> ).  So now the important business number is that there is $1000 per 10 customers walking out the door because of what the percentages say.  So now a sale is $200 since that is what your employees are averaging. 

So each sale has been $200/per and a 50% success rate.  10 sales people with their 10 people gives us 50 sales that walked out the door.  Not all can be sales but you will be surprised at how many can be saved by making business business and keeping personal personal.  Small numbers yes.  But now let's say that business grows because of a good business plan-in-a-binder and a good product need at the time.  The two collide for a perfect storm for about 12 months.  Now before they know it they suddenly go from 10 to 20.  Then 30.  Soon 40.  And now they have a staff of 50 to handle the business.  Now a 520K year small business has jumped to the 2.6mill blast off.  But the issue of that missing 50% was never addressed.  Costs go up to handle growth since there seems to be no end in sight for your product/service.  Still that same 50% slips through the door.  Right now the excitement of mob mentality is forcing those purchases possibly. Sounds impressive and exciting yes?  But now here is the fun part of why did those 50% not decide on your business?  Guesses?  How about first impressions?

First impressions is a layered aspect that people neglect.  How does the business look?  How does the atmosphere feel?  How was my first ever experience with a representative?  Every second you prevent your client from enjoying their decision to visit your establishment is a second closer to them making an uninformed decision.  I learned that more from my no sales than I did my sales.  Ask many of the businesses that rely on the public needs what has kept them in steady growth of success?  Customer service will be said more often than not.  I don't mean give them free coffees and pedicures.  I mean how soon were they greeted?  for the web driven industries How soon were they contacted on first inquiry?  How long did they feel that had to wait?  Was help easy to find?  Was there anyone being noticeably treated better than all the customers?  And the list goes on.  Small things usually caused by lack of knowledge on how to run that part of the business to thinking that your bad day is somehow business related.  All of these will slow down your response time to intercepting problems (problem solving 101 remember from below?).  Again let's keep it simple.  Let's say due to your business no one comes in just bored.  Yea a perfect world I know.  So 100% of people inquiring for your product came in with minds made up to buy if they felt like it would benefit them.  So a 100% possibility for our brain tired stay at home dad.  

So to avoid truly depressing numbers let's just take those last numbers:

Staff: 50
Clients seen: 500 (in the door)
Sales % avg: 50
Sales per employee: $1000
Total inquiries: 500
Total sales: 250
Total sales: $50,000
Average per sale: 200

Likewise that means:

Clients left: 25
Sales loss: $50,000

These may seem like numbers but here is where a simple POV change in an employee/management/business can create an impact of fantastical proportions.  Let's say due to too much business that the employees who are seeing 10 people on the average could actually be seeing 12.  50 employees and no one ever mentioned how long it takes to check people out when they are new to the store.  Or something as equally small but is that first impression killer.  Now let us say those mere 2 people become real clients for our numbers.  That 50% of 12 now gives them 6 sales and $1200 total.

Staff 50
Clients seen: 500 (in the door)
Sales %: 60
Sales per employee: 6 (+1)
Sales in per employee: $1200 (+$200)
Total sales: 300 (+50)
Total sales: $60,000 (+$10,000)

Same staff but 20% efficiency can yield 20% that week.  These numbers are given as if these were the statistics you attained.

  So in 4qtrs you went from 2.6mill to 3.1mill. The business sets what is needed, the employee works to exceed that average.  This also makes quarterly bonuses easier to set.  Let the efficiency of the employee set the reward.  Even an owner is an employee by the way.  Business is just business after all.  

So why the math lecture?  Because how many times have you seen something  go wrong due to some simple form of misunderstanding?  The simplified business layout above is to help to see that something small can have a huge impact when repeated.  Business thinking is just an easy way to see how that works.  To a business it is four quarters.  Looking ahead with projections so you can plan properly is huge stress reliever at times.  So what tiny improvement in efficiency can I do to get that average up?  You may never know but making job descriptions clear while allowing good employee communication lines  could eliminate a good 15-25% of most stupid first impression problems.  And even your personal problems have first impressions by the way.

So I hope you made it this far!  

To catch how many times you are blurring that line, try this exercise in situations similar to the following:

Personal life brought into the workplace 
Bringing work home too often

Both of these can cause problems can't they?  Sometimes severely detrimental.  Next time you decide to put work ahead of promised social/family time or when you are getting angry at work because you had a really bad day so far by 8:30 a.m, try a simple tiny exercise.  Take a literal two seconds.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  No thoughts, just interrupt what you were doing and look at it again.  Should you be doing that?  Does <that> need to be done now?  Will it help or hinder your work/home life?  Etc.  Those two seconds has saved me from many "shouldn't have said that" moments.  Might be a "done that" for others.  

This topic could not cover the HOW to separate those who are breaking the business is business guideline.  More of a personal awareness.  See how many times you catch yourself mixing business and personal.  Have fun with it - carry a notepad and send it to me on a week average of your business vs. personal faux pas were made!  Maybe we'll post them and declare a winner.

So if I ever write anything that gets your cheeks a tad flushed - you must realize I have no idea who is reading this do I?  My business was helping steer people away from problems but a lot of ground work had to be set.  So for me this blog is just business.  If you want things to be personal just feel free to drop me an email about anything.  You will see that personal is actually different for me.  

As it will for you soon enough!

Keep it real.



EPISODE 6: July 9, 2014

Perception is Reality POV

The dictionary (www.dictionary.com) defines the word hypocrite: as
1) a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
2) a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life,opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements. 

My definition agrees with the first two completely but I think a third, possibly a fourth, need to be added.  The worst kind of hypocrite are the people who are afraid to enact a decision they know to be right.  Or even put any sort of action in an area they know to NOT be harmful.  Fearful hypocrites I guess you could call them.  Now we could spout on and on about politicians, legal thievery or social problems such as bullies and such.  But to pick a single area is to almost imply, mostly in your head, that this is the most important area.  The truth be told - there is no one area.

A challenge has been set before me that I am undertaking with great glee.  The question is not if I am able to complete said obstacle but to do so in less than a year.  To undertake this challenge I must understand what makes people tick.  Or should I say - not tick.  What makes people believe in what they hear enough to agree yet choose to not take action.  There are many culprits capable of culling your will to make change.  The largest perpetrator of the procrastinator of good is 'tomorrow.'  I'll just get info today.  Doesn't hurt to hear anything today.  But decisions?  Well that will have to wait till later it seems.  

So what is it?

Fear to make a change in your life?
Fear to help out others?
Fear of mistakes?
Fear of failure?
Fear of how others see you?

If you have been following this blog then you know that to let others influence your direction is the quickest way to get lost.  You should also see that there is no such thing as failure if you learn from your mistakes.  There is definitely not failure if you learn, attack the area again until you do succeed.  That is a trait of a winner.  Maybe it is the fear of not being perfect- like any of us could ever raise our hand on that statement.  So maybe you just are afraid of being nice and helpful?  Whatever the reason there is a fear.  It is deep and it controls you.  But how do you know?  Easy enough:

Have you ever agreed with an idea but allowed yourself to not be governed by the rules of that idea? - Fearful Hypocrite.
Have you ever sung the praises of someone when you are around them but never when you are with others?  Fearful Hypocrite.
Do you honestly believe that you are incapable of making a change?  Fearful Hypocrite.

We could go on and on....

What has this got to do with anything?  Everything I am afraid.  Instead of just agreeing there is a problem to make yourself feel good or buying a hat/sticker to support a cause:

How about learning everything you can  about the subject, find the next meeting and canvass the surrounding area to make sure the attendance is as high as possible.  Do that for each and every single meeting.  Ever.  

This is not angry words and no direction is meant.  If anything makes you wonder then perhaps that is a good thing.  If you are still not sure who/what you are then the next time a good idea rolls in front of you- take it with all you have.  Don't just support "it" by following on Twitter or 'liking' on Facebook.  Oh so you went to a rally.  How many people did you get to sign up for next demonstration?  How about the next?  Until your problem goes away then there is no reason to stop now is there?  Maybe there is one other area of hypocrite:  Lazy hypocrite.  Well I tried but it didn't solve itself in a few days so guess it isn't worth it to me.  

I have some unique opportunities to run across my path in a mere 36 days and counting.  If things go better than expected I will be calling people out.  I can keep it generic but you will know who I am referring to won't you?

If a solution to bullying presented itself - what would you be willing to do?
If a solution to poverty could be proven what would you be willing to do to make certain it happened?
If a solution for our education system could be produced how far will you fight to make sure it happens?
If freedom of choice was to ever truly be offered then how far will you go to make that happen as well?

I am curious how many people would want their name posted right here, right now, with a commitment on the area they will fight tooth and nail for to change/enact.  I am curious how many people actually have the intestinal fortitude to actually have a line in the sand.  A point they will not give in anymore.

I am very curious what type of reader you are.

My name is David Ginn - and I will never back down from proving that we, the people, have the power to change all the above and much more.  

So... who are you?


EPISODE 5: July 2, 2014


Sales 101 POV

There are many words used in the global awareness we call the internet.  But none have acquired the pejorative globally such as my favorite profession of sales.  To understand this you should know that not only do I agree that in today's world sales people are trained to be deceiving with the use of altered truths and neglected POV's.  If you are allowed to form the wrong decision but are never corrected then technically they did not lie.  But they did lie.  They lied to themselves.  Once you start a path that originates in a lie do not be surprised when your house of cards comes tumbling down.  I left the world of sales because it was just becoming too slimy. I did not stop the pursuit of mastering the "art of sales."  I instead redirected on performing sales the way I see it from my own altruistic POV.  Belief in the product and fully intending of helping my client.

These are areas that must be laid out first before we start dissecting how the human brain likes to work during a decision process.  To master true sales you must:
1) Fully believe in your product
2) Fully research every iota your product has to offer
3) Determine if client will benefit from product so  they can make a decision
4) Accept the fact that your product might not be a perfect fit for every interview but discover your clients needs before making that decision.

No sales happen.  Just what it is.  Personally, at my height, I had a closing rate of 75% in the new client area where the global industry average was 33.33%.  For long term clients my average was 99%.  Like I said no sales just happen.  But my no sales were generally due to the finances not being able to work out properly.  If the magic was waved so the fees were always attainable then I would have been 100% across the board.  Now that may make many of you say the same but when you are in the world of intangible, high priced, white collar sales then money is the last thing to make the decision.  The client is buying you.  No matter the wealth the client may have, if they do not like you then you did not have a sale.  

That is the pursuit I was intrigued by.  My old boss used to say "A Sale is a sale is a sale" meaning no matter what- get a signed contract.  It buys us time to get larger ones later.  He would also quip in "Somebody somewhere could have sold them something."  Again very true.  But the meaning is simple: Time is either my ally or nemesis so any "failure" is on my side first.  I am the common denominator.  I then started listening more and more to the successes of the business.  Where I was amazed that they had enough brain power to create a spark there could be no denying that they were far superior to me in the area of statistics/sales/percentages.  So I followed my four rules above then pursued with a vengeance of understanding AIDCC(F).  

AIDCC(F) is just an acronym from OLD school intangible sales.  You probably have seen shortened and condensed versions in psychological studies probably.  The letters stand for:
A: Attention
 I: Interest
D: Desire
C: Conviction
C: Close
(F): Follow through - the actual only true part for the salesperson

The purpose of this, for me, is simple:  You cannot allow yourself to proceed to the next stage until the previous stage has been accomplished with great satisfaction.  Just passing through an area does not mean the client is mentally ready for the next stage.  Now as much as this sounds like a sales training manual (probably is somewhere at sometime!) this is actually how your brain LIKES to think when it is making a decision.  That is why I put (F) in brackets.  AIDCC is what every single human brain likes to follow.  Follow through is the job of the salesperson.  Making certain the sale not only sticks but you prevent buyers remorse (72hr cancellation policy most businesses used to honor).  So today we are doing the 101 version of AIDCC(F). A process you can apply to your everyday life.  It also acts like an immunization shot for current sales forces and their sleazy tactics.  So enjoy and feel free to apply this to whatever job you may be doing!  Maybe you are in sales.  Maybe you are running a NFP organization.  Maybe you are trying to take on city hall.  Maybe you are just trying to raise your children in this neanderthal IQ level education system we have here in the States.  Whatever the area, I firmly believe (step 1) that AIDCC(F) will help you understand your area even more than you do now.

Each of these areas can be discussed in hours so we are just going to hit the tip of that mental iceberg.  But it does stand to repeat why AIDCC is important as a human.  Something gets your attention.  This 'thing' looks like it will benefit your life somehow.  Now this product looks to be designed for your problems specifically. Now you are wondering how to possess that 'thing.'  You justify what needs to be assured so you can own this 'thing.'  You now proceed on life with a new addition from your newly acquired 'thing.'  If this was a sales procedure then you should be getting a HAND WRITTEN thank you letter that is specifically written to you as a person and not a generic copied letter.  Now just substitute 'thing' for that new shiney you purchased last.  Process sounds eerily familiar doesn't it?

ATTENTION:  This is simple yet deathly important.  I mean you just need to get their attention right?  Truer words were never thought.  But an old adage which is painfully true is "you never get a second chance to make a first impression."  You must analyze HOW you are getting attention.  Are you going for infomercial?  Lots of noise and sudden images to draw attention?  Maybe you are looking for the more cerebral so you have some questions you use to draw attention of people that are already thinking in that POV?    Whatever your intention, attention is the keystone that the rest of your doorway is built.  Build it with great care.

INTEREST: Once attention is fully attained you now must undertake the challenge of showing that you have a superior knowledge of your product/service/organization.  How many "Did you know that" questions can you answer about your said area?  Few?  many?  Hundreds?  The more questions you can honestly ask about your area, questions that have merit mind you, the chances are great that you will discover the right series of questions to make that human mind focus on your area for just a brief moment in time.  If accomplished correctly you, your client or whomever you are addressing will want to know more about the "How" of your area.  With the correct attention, interest unlocks the next door.  You just have to open it up is all.

DESIRE:  My goodness if there was just one word that summed up the economy it is desire.  By the way - did you know that without a professional salesperson where would the so called economy be?  Human want is one of the strongest emotions there ever was.  Right next to fear.  It is primal.  It needs to be treated like a dog you just met on the street.  Approach with caution.  No matter your area it is time to talk future.  Questions like "Imagine when.." or my favorite "Won't it be wonderful when.."  These are samples from old school sales days but guess what?  They apply to this and everyday life fluidly.  Desire can be, and has, discussed for days at a time.  The more you discover about your product/service/organization (just going to call this 'your area' from now on OK?) the more you will see what areas it helps or hinders.  Knowing the pitfalls are equally as important.  One bad experience will travel faster than the good.  That is just human nature.  Good is kept secret but bad will spread like the Spanish Flu.  To understand desire in a 101 format is simply the word it is replacing: Want.  What do you want?  What is making you do what you do?  It is generally because of want.  We may desire much but how many things do you go out of your way to acquire because you really WANT it?  Fan that spark created by interest that was discovered by attention and soon you will have a created the flame of want.

CONVICTION: A dangerous word.  One definition "a fixed or firm belief: No clever argument, no persuasive fact or theory could make a dent in his conviction in the rightness of his position."   Dictonary.com rules.  In sales you lead your client with questions so they see that the only logical thing for them to do is to make a decision TODAY so that they can start owning this product right now.  In the rest of life it can be the same.  The largest crime we commit as a race (race of humans - read my first POV to understand skin color misnomers) is the ability to not act upon our ideas.  It took 52 people to write some words and sign a document.  238 years later we still have the USA.  Albeit battered and bruised but still here.  Make a plan.  Make a decision.  Make the decision that you are GOING to make that important decision.  If you decide to not act (still a decision by the way) then you must distance yourself.  Do not become the hypocrite that blows sunshine up everyone's backside but when the time comes to play your hand, call your bluff.... you fold.  Just because you haven't taken action to make the next step happen - you have made it personal that not only are you going to be involved in that (area) but you will do so with full commitment.  You are at a precipice of action.  A tiny nudge is all you need to the big plunge.  So once attention leads to interst which uncovers desire, it is time to prepare to make that fateful decision.

CLOSE:  Believe it or not, this is the shortest word to understand.  Did you act upon your decision?  Yes?  Then you have closed yourself.  Did I buy the product?  Did I join a movement?  Did I join that club?  Did I <insert whatever you were thinking about here>?  If the answer is yes to your decision then the close has happened.  Ownership of the new has been achieved.

(FOLLOW THROUGH):  If ever there was an area that ruins the reputation of any business/organization it is the ability of the (area) to appropriately apply follow through.  Personal connection to your client/member is what is needed.  The best investment I ever made in my sales career was going to a thrift store (Dollar Stores here) where I purchased a box of small, blank, thank-you cards.  Add in a stamp and the cost is minimal in comparison to the success you acquire from your clients.  One paragraph, 3-5 sentences, of why their decision means so much to you.  As a person.  Not as a commission check or some goal your club is trying to acquire.  People tend to feel used when they immediately buy or join.  It is plain old buyers remorse.  Happens.  But to know the person that sold you that new widget or the club you just joined is human enough to remember you as a person is enormous.  Imagine if you purchased a product that took time (say a house or a car) and not only did the salesperson send you the standard 'thank you card' but when you opened it you discover that not only is it hand written but there are details that were discussed.  Someone actually listened and paid attention to you as a person and not as a commission.  Now imagine that you received that in the mail within 48hrs of you making your decision?  So if you are wanting to fix something in your organization/sales procedure - I would strongly suggest you practice your hand writing, turn on your ears and be humble that someone is believing in your to use your (area).  If you lack the humility that they (clients/members) could have gone anywhere or chosen anything else then don't be surprised when your rocket skyward business flatlines before it plummets.  When you treat people like numbers they tend to not want to be treated that way anymore.

Believe it or not that is as introductory as I believe I can make this process.  

Now why use it again?  Just understand it is enough.  Next time you see a commercial you will be mentally saying "Ahhh attention.. interest ... desire...." thereby removing much of the fear of loss sales tactics used a lot on people.  I personally use it on my children constantly.  I have an 18 year AIDCC plan for them both.  Every new area, due to change of interests or just plain old puberty, requires a new ATTENTION!  Once I have their attention I lead them down the rest by asking questions and making them think of more than one angle.  Kids jump straight to desire.  They WANT and they WANT NOW!!!!  That is the animal side.  What I teach them is the human side needs to see from many POV before caving into the emotion of want.

Here's hoping that you receive as much from this as I have.  It still helps me with my long term objectives.  I have a goal but it is an enormous one.  In order to navigate the thousands of objectives that keep popping up I use AIDCC to navigate myself.  And sometimes others.



EPISODE 4: June 26, 2014

Problem Solving POV

Before we get started I do want to thank again those of you reading each week.  I know it is not the easiest read.  I write as I think which is by stream of consciousness.  If you are unfamiliar with this then just imagine a line of domino's.  One idea leads to the next and so on and so forth.  Familiar I know but those of us cursed with SOC thinking do not necessarily see the next domino.  In point of fact many of our next domino's are unseen until we knock the previous one down.  Invariably it will also reveal 2-3 options.  Then each one of those can reveal another 2-3.  You get the picture.  We SOC thinkers are generally convoluted at best.

Recently in a Toastmasters meeting I had the opportunity to give problem solving a stab.  Was more impromptu, which you can imagine for a SOC thinker is dangerous, but eagerly accepted.  The speech had a 5-7 minute time frame which is too short for decades of study on the area of problem solving.  This opportunity did get me to force my scatter brain thinking to focus on what I called "Problem Solving 101."  I used the 101 in hopes that anyone that attended a college/university would understand that 101 just means a brief introduction to the area.  More of an overview of all things governing said topic.  But lately there are areas that could use some direction in this topic.  

It is no secret that I despise the "professional" motivational speaker.  Professional by the way simply means you were paid for that service.  Has nothing to do with actual skill.  Motivational speakers/authors will say all the correct "things" like being positive, needing problem solving skills and my most hated word due to it's misnomer usage: Goals.  All of these areas, plus many more, are indeed correct.  No doubt.  No argument from me.  But to think that simply saying words that are used in that language is going to help everyone become happy-happy-joy-joy is audaciously arrogant to me.  If you do enjoy motivational/inspirational speakers then I do suggest that you :
1) dissect everything they say/write
2) research each one of those areas
3) do everything in your power to prove how it will fail

Do that and you will have two things happen: You will understand what they are trying to say on a deep emotional level AND most importantly you will never need their services ever again.  You will be self-empowered to the point that mental freedom has taken over.  That and you have opened the door to the wondrous world of true problem solving.

Problem solving relies on many areas, one of which is the human brain's reaction during a decision making process.  Today we will endeavor to open as many doors as possible in the area of problem solving while next week we start tackling the human brain.  But I would be remiss if I did not introduce next weeks topic of AIDCC(F).  This is your brain on decisions.  (A)ttention, (I)nterest, (D)esire, (C)onviction, (C)lose and invariably (F)ollow through.  When your brain is allowed to traverse these points in THAT particular order then a decision is not only easy to make but almost guaranteed to become permanent.  Or at least strong enough that future decisions on the same topic are easier to make.  There are many who say the same thing but they clump some of the stages together.  Still true but personally in my POV the more you understand the smaller parts of anything the more you have an understanding of how it works intuitively.  Now, if your brain hasn't oozed out of your ears yet, let us see if we can either fire or fry some synapses shall we?

Problem Solving 101 (101 remember?)

Problem origination.  There class dismissed.

What you want more?  Fine.

Why this obsession?  I want you to imagine a problem that you take personally.  Could be something very unique to you or an area that affects large number of people like suicide or bullying.  What if you could see where that problem came from?  What if you could understand what is creating that problem?  What if you not only could see what creates and how it develops but inversely see how to redirect that negative into something positive?  What if you can see this problem being developed as waves of energy knocking down social domino's?  What if by understanding every minutia of that problems history you actually see where it took a wrong turn?  What if you could learn how to put in roadblocks so to speak to redirect that energy?  What if you could put plans in place that used that same energy to create a positive impact instead of a negative?  Would you be as excited as I am about solving problems then?

To understand problem solving (101!!!!!!!) you must see that same problem as the END result.  Even if you feel that the fates of the universe have conspired to create catastrophe in your life.  All that energy had a starting point.  The strength of the Tsunami is not the size of the wave but the force that started it, isn't it?  That problem you are being forced, or decided to, engage is the result of something else.  Chances are that force is the result of something else.  If you want to understand the main principals of problem solving then enjoy asking 'Why?' over and over until you can not ask 'why' anymore.  Why/what are useful in this journey.  What caused that?  Why did that happen? What caused that why?  Why did that what cause that why?  Etc., etc., etc.

I have discovered that to understand problems you must see things (POV remember?) as 3D.  Think of a balloon popping.  In the middle of that balloon is the origination of the problem.  A small, and usually innocent in appearance, point that expands outward in multiple directions.  Now the problem that has invariably smacked you down can be traced in a linear fashion.  But do yourself a favor and NEVER forget that trail.  Because if you can remember the minutia then you will invariably see another problem goes back to the same exact point.  Now you have two problems that started off the same even though both problems seem totally different.  Without getting into it completely at this point (promise we will revisit this) did you know that bullies and our socioeconomic problems stem from the same small area?  Weird huh?  Keep that nugget in your mind for later.

Again - why my obsession on this area?  Simple for me.  What is the opposite of a problem?  According to my favorite website ever (www.dictionary.com) that result is certitude.  The freedom of doubt.  Especially in belief/faith.  Being certain of something completely is a wonderful feeling.  And I will endeavor to help as many readers as I can to acquire this feeling.  This is my vow to humanity by the way.  

Remember that line of domino's?  Well let us paraphrase Newton's 3rd Law of physics: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  What is the opposite then of that overused word 'problem'?  Positive.  Beneficial.  Groovy.  Whatever floats your boat verbiage wise it still means the same thing:  A positive experience that strengthens you.  Allowing you clarity of vision instead of the cloud of doubt caused by problems.  Going from not being able to see an end to the torment (i.e. the base root of several degrees of depression - not all but a lot) to now being able to see the problem as an energy that can be used to create what you need.  More often than not you will at least see the problem as a brief moment in time.  

On an important example/side note (SOC thinker remember?) Time is a great leveling tool for many social problems like bullies.  Time equalizes many things.  So you think you are doomed to a hopeless life because you are not as 'pretty' as someone else?  Well guess what happens to all of us with time.  Time will destroy all beauty.  It is us shy, introverted, ugly ducklings that will survive the test of time.  Those of us that stand the trials and tribulations that time has set forth upon us will rise above those who have had life "given" to them because of social status of birth or the misconceived POV of beauty.  Once the wealthy become poor or the beauty become ugly, you will see that they will actually need your help and compassion more than you did.  These people need to have some sympathy when life crashes.  Epiphany moments can steer a past enemy into a valued ally.  Or at least you can sit back with popcorn while they spiral down self-destruction.  I leave the choice of your karma to you.

So have you jumped ahead mentally to see where I am going with this obsession of mine?  The path to daily happiness is a wandering line of domino's that you can steer once you see the paths available.  Expanding your POV to be that wonderful devil's advocate can add great clarity to your future perception.  As I said the other night in my speech - all journeys require two points to plan out.  Everyone is so concerned with the destination that they neglect the importance of where they started.  Where are you now, where did you come from will help you establish a much stronger travel path to where you want to go.  So if a problem is the opposite of the positive and you have discovered that tiny point that caused the chain to create your problem then it stands to reason that you now have a starting point.  Now you just need to see HOW that same point can be used to go in the direction that you want.  

Many of our problems are faced by everyone.  But why is it that some people just are not affected the same way?  Because of their perception.  Their vision.  Call it karma, call it fate or just chalk it up to being forged in the fires of life to create an iron will from the pounding that the hammer of problems has given you.

I can easily go on for infinity I bet on problem solving.  But if you are a true seeker or wish to be then email me directly.  Being able to walk someone through the problems THEY see is far quicker than 'hoping' that you understand mere words and correctly apply them to your life.  For me it was difficult but I decided ages ago I would not let life beat me.  I will not fail.  I refuse to stay knocked down.  Every single time I get sucker punched because of being blind sided by a problem (be it natural catastrophe or putting your faith into the wrong person for betrayal), I don't even dust myself off.  I get back up, face that problem squarely and ask "That the best you got?"  I once owned many of those No Fear T-Shirts.  My favorite summed up my POV perfectly: "I have never lost.  I just had fewer points when time ran out."  That is my belief.  

So to wrap up this mere introductory version of problem solving- research that problem back to where you can see what started the whole mess.  Research as many problems AND positives as you can.  Very soon you will see that some problems could have been positives if that energy was just redirected.  Other times you will see that some problems could intersect your plans for success at a later date.  So now you can plan on how to deal with that problem if it arises or even how to put actions in place to redirect that problem so it propels your plans rather than hinder.  The possibilities might not be infinite but so far I have yet to see an end to the probabilities and possibilities.  

So again - my pledge to you the reader.  You or anyone you know has my vow to help.  I have many plans in place that require the right person so I am in search of those specific few people who would like the opportunity to never be forgotten in history.  In exchange for this search I will gladly help my fellow man.  Just ask and ye shall receive.

If you do go solo on this quest then just challenge everything.  Doubt everything.  Plan for the worst but be ready to act on the best.  Shoot for never being caught off guard completely again.  Look past the present problems and let time do what it does best: level the playing field.

And yes - this was a mere introduction to the wonderful world of problem solving.  Next week we will start attacking how to understand your brain more thoroughly!

Hope to hear from you soon!


David Ginn

EPISODE 3: June 18, 2014

Bullies POV

As per usual let me stress that this is just a POV.  I am in no way advocating bullies (ever) nor am I implying that current trends are in any way futile.  

If you could see a graph of the past 65 years or so then you would see a remarkable correlation between the number of households forced to become 2 income families and the increase in degree of violence from bullying.  We will always have bullies.  We are humans yes but for over 200,000 years we have been behaving worse than animals.  Greedy, selfish and destroying our habitat (i.e. Earth).  We are an aggressive species by nature so as long as we have humans unaware of the fact that these are choices being made, we will have bullies.

A bully, in my POV, is nothing more than someone who takes what they want through the use of fear.  Other than sounding like every government that ever existed, it sums up a good point to build ideas.  What do I know of bullies?  Quite a lot.  Have I had it worse than children today?  Probably not.  But as I said before - when you move to a small town where all but 1 person of the 3,000+ are treating you like a leper then you do feel the pressure of not having anyone on your side.  That feeling of being completely alone, surrounded by these semi-conscious low bred barely aware animal IQ "humans", is enough to push anyone to the edge.  So yes - not only have I contemplated suicide but I will never erase the vision of staring down the barrel of a .357 magnum.  'Tis a big gun no matter your age.  But it was that point that I realized something: Decisions.

Decisions are what people are lacking.  I didn't understand a lot back then but now after raising two kids I can say with 100% assertiveness that the bullies I had to grow up with just were incapable of making decisions of an adult.  They were just mental children to me.  Always have been, always will be.  Children inherently are cowards.  Scared of everything from under the bed to the wind blowing too hard.  But when that child grows up and is allowed to "decide" that this behavior of selfishness is appropriate then you have a bully in the making.  Soon that feeling of take-what-I-want takes over.  Since humans are the most addictive based species possibly on the planet, their fix just gets stronger and stronger.  Soon terrorizing other children so they can feel powerful all the while being told how great they are by their henchman in the making mental flunkies becomes their quest.  Now they get bigger, stronger and understand how fragile people are.  Well it is open season now.  Every child that has been raised to be a human rather than an animal is a target instantly.  

So before we get into possible plans on eradicating bullying we must understand where bullies come from:  The parents.  Each generation where the attitude of "no bad news means good news" created a wave of liars.  As long as the parents were unaware the bully was free to terrorize.  Worse case - one or both parents are OK with their slug of an offspring being the aggressor.  Thinking that "toughening" up the child is the best way to be a parent is a level of delusion that many of us real parents just can't comprehend.  Now add in that horrible "No child left behind" policy that drove all the true teachers out of the school and you have a kettle just waiting to brew a violent ground.  Every year we are told that education is important yet education funds get cut all the time.  But just when you think it couldn't get worse- here comes the generation raised to think that others should raise their children so they can work.  Now this child is growing up in a dog eat dog world when it should be pre-school.  

Is there hope? Naturally there is.  But for me I save hope for Sundays.  What we need is a plan that will have a generation ripple effect.  Society tends to be reactionary.  Like the medical community.  They see problems, come up with a name and try and create a drug to combat the symptoms.  Never truly exploring where this problem originated.  There is a very real problem yes.  But by only raising awareness you are trying to treat the symptom.  Is awareness needed? Absolutely!  Will awareness help?  Some yes.  But when you have a near exponential growth rate of "permissible" behavior that is horrid at best then you need to attack the origination of the problem.  Anyone who has taken some science knows that exponential growth rate can become out of control quite quickly.  Then the only solution is to button up the hatches and wait for the inevitable implosion when bully groups face off against bully groups.  That is one mess you do not want to be in the middle of trust me.

So the solution?  Not sure we will ever have one as long as money assures that might is right.  But we can start setting the groundwork so that each generation will create a stronger resistance to bullies at a very early stage.  Children will be bullies.  Just the way it is.  Until they learn that they have to decide to be a human rather than an animal then you will have abhorrent behavior.  But the day the said bully sees that his targets are now always staying in groups, it will be harder and harder to get that "fix" since there are almost no single targets anymore.  So possibly in one generation we could wipe out bully mentality.  Possible but will take many minds that make a decision that they have had enough.

I will leave the current trend of awareness to it's own devices.  What is happening is what needs to happen.  People do need to be aware that a problem exists.  But to create that ripple we need to get through to the children.  They need to understand that those moments that the animal side of their brain (a.k.a. fight or flight response) kicks into overdrive then they just need to do some simple steps:
1) Wait for 2 seconds before thinking of anything.
2) slow their breathing down.
3) Stand up to their fears by facing them.

This works.  Does it get rid of bullies? Nope not one bit.  But the bullies move on to other targets.  But many try and escalate.  Since we are dealing with an individual that clearly lacks any common sense or possible higher functioning IQ rating then the chances of them doing something stupid on an epic level is just a matter of time.  And there is the lesson this idea - as well as the awareness push -  needs to get across.  The one thing that is on the side of every victim of bullying is time.   Bullies are cowards and generally stupid by choice.  They make very poor decisions.  Time does not reward those who make very poor decisions.  Society may try and reward with dreams of money & "sparklies."  Which again reminds me of the crows that just HAVE to have that shiny object.  Animals want shiny.  A human thinks of others.  

I have had this conversation with both of my children.  They understand that if push came to shove I will find out where this bully lives, knock on the door when the parents are home and proceed to have a discussion.  If the parents are unaware then there is a good chance that bully is in trouble.  Will that cause retaliation? Probably but if it happens again - I will knock again.  I will make myself such an irritant that I will, and have, make it clear when that waste of genetic material reaches 18 I will enrage them to the point of swinging first.  That is all that I need.  

I did skip over some areas but I did cover some topics in the Empowerment-POV.  Being able to look that bully in the eye and just say "And your point being?"  all the while showing how bored you are waiting for them to feel smart that they used daddy words.  Patience and time.  Patience and time.  By the way - my main bully growing up was actually a duo of identical twins.  Mean solo but when together it was just unholy.  It sucked.  Everyday was hell.  Just waking up knowing you had to get on that bus was sickening.  But fast forward a few years.  I went to a university while they went to jail.  I graduated and gained a career while one of the twins hung himself in prison.  

I won.

Patience and time.  The only test of being human.

EPISODE 2: June 11, 2014

Empowerment POV

I do hope people will take these words as something more than a bored human who wants to see himself in lights.  I could easily go into my background to such depths that every possible question would be answered.  Seeing how there seems to be a push in one direction that is using a word that from a different POV is antagonistic to the original objective.  So what I promise to do is to help in every way that I can.  I solemnly swear that I will treat this area as serious as any other.  I ask just one thing.  When it comes to empowerment please return the favor.  Just ask my favorite two words in the English language "What if."  

What I will endeavor to do is explain what it is I do, how it works, danger areas , problem areas and how I believe it works.  I will also do my best to sum up my POV on empowerment.  This is a complicated process for me that has thousands of pieces that make the puzzle.  Not unlike snowflakes, these puzzle pieces are always different as well.  Sometimes you work on a simple area.  Sometimes the pieces just align themselves up.  Then you get that 100K 3D identical piece build your own puzzle nightmare.  

The reason I am cautious with blanket use of the word empowering is the fact that as your child's POV changes on life and reality then so should yours. Teaching an individual self-empowerment, where they no longer need outside sources to strengthen them, is what I know how to do.  It's about all I have ever trained as throughout my life.  Opening that first door together, taking a memorable journey together then showing them the door that is the way out. On their own.  Can you just read and become self-empowered?  Absolutely - I did.  But the journey was filled with a lot of dead ends.  Not impossible if you have the mindset that you will never quit.  Ever.  Then it works.  Bring lots of bandaids for the bumps along the way.

What many people just use as empowering means very little if you are a child facing the realization that this could happen for the rest of their life.  When you are a child the mere thought of another 10 years of school is enough to make you groan.  That perception is their reality and to expect mere words to work effectively  the first time is borderline delusional.  But if the correct words are used it can help someone who is persevering through that stage.  Having a good understanding of another over used phrase, problem solving, helps a great deal.  I will spend a GREAT deal of time on that subject very shortly.  So if solo, have a good idea how to use problems as a steering lane and the ability to just ask 'What if' then you will be OK.  Unfortunately just because you read these words doesn't mean you now know everything you need to know.  Doubt what you read but try and prove them wrong by doing exactly what they say.  That is how I treated many 'self-help' books.  This is one main reason why it is good to have a person that will listen so some sort of advice will be given.  Even if that advice is 'we're in an area that I don't know much about.  So the best I can do is just listen.'  Yes I have had to do that with someone.  It is always best to be honest with each other if you are taking this journey together.

To save time we will just have to agree that teenagers are different than all of us whereas we adults are still learning.  Now on to taking your first steps in helping your child cope with life in general.  Be it bullies or just what happened in school that day.

Stage 1: Most of us can speak with our kids when they are young.  It's when they get older do we realize that a shrug of a shoulder and a mumbled 'I dunno' is about all you are going to get that time.  Speak to them on the level they see.  Not always what words they can use but how do they see things.  My son is complete opposite of my daughter.  He is monsters and carnage while she is pink and magic ponies.  You could not get him to even enter her all pink room.  So as their father I know that when I speak to one, no matter how it turns out, will probably not work on the other.  So just because you understand the words does not mean they understand your meaning.  Be prepared to ask questions.  Make your tone directly opposite of the talk.  Like if it is about bullies and they are young I would be asking more questions about them rather than the bullies.  Problem with finally looking outward is you tend to forget to see inward.  Help them see what they need to be proud of that they call their own.  

Step 2:  When the tears have stopped or the anger cooled, then you are at stage 2 so to speak.  Now it is raw information gathering time.  Stop them, politely with a raised hand first, whenever you hear them describing anything "It was like... then like..."  Do not accept this.  Tell them to slow their breathing down, calm down and explain just the 'what' of what happened.  Not what it was 'like.'  This serves a dual purpose.  To be self empowered you will start to just see many things.  Just tiny things but you can start picturing where you want to go with your life.  You can not start that journey if 'Like" is your main POV.  As the parent you must realize that this adorable child will be an emotional wreck someday as a teenager.  This will help establish that your job of the parent is to help them learn how to grow up.  So repeat after me 'I will never accept like as a description for a problem.'  Good class!

Step 3: Now that they are slower in breath, you have a much clearer picture in your head and more often than not on the minor bad day problems you can see the child solve it before you.  But now it is time to help them see things differently.  Never forget your direction. If they were scared you need to make them brave. If anger trumped then calmness needs to enter.  Following is a snippet from the dialogue when my son was experiencing massive bully problems in school.  It was discovered after many 'likes' that what was really going on was name calling.  Nothing physical just malcontents being malcontents.  So after asking him to show me the bruises and broken bones from words, of which there were none, we practiced how to deal with verbal bullies.  Was something near this:

<fade into conversation on dad>
"So bullies are not very smart are they?"
"So did those words break any bones?"
<son squirms as dad gives tickle spot inspection>
"So what do we do next time a bully calls you a name?"
"Look at him, stay calm, and ask 'And?"
"Or what else can you say?"
<more tickles>
"Never forget that a bully is just still a baby in the brain.  You can't try and understand a baby right?"
"Oh no!"
"Just be patient, stay calm and if you are truly afraid always be in sight of a teacher or someone who can witness.  It may not be fun but a bully will get themselves kicked out of school without help from anyone."
<very nervous 'OK' from son>
"I will always be there for you, you know that.  But as your father I must make sure you learn how to become your own man someday.  So whenever you need me just ask."
<end scene on hugs and more tickles>
Next day he seemed less stressed when he used 'And?' on a few of the verbal challenged.  Once he became an 'un-fun' target they gravitated to someone else.  Another bully got kicked off the bus and yet another was suspended when he lost it at school.  In front of a teacher.  Must have been the day my son looked at him and said, quite calmly I may add, "I am not scared of you.  I never will be."  There will always be bullies but whenever a new one pops up I want my son to understand that if he can't solve the problem on his own he can always come to me.

Step 4. Move on.  Give them something to do they enjoy.  Confirm with them they are good now.    

Now that is teaching self-empowerment in my POV.  Years of work if necessary.  Stay with them until they are ready to wander off on their own.  I have found that adults are easier to work with than children.  You need to be there 24/7 with a child.  Unlike many guys, I get the job of being stay at home dad.  So I am on call 24/7 which makes it easier to get control of problems early.It also makes me have a LOT of free time now that my son is almost self-sufficient.  Well almost for any teenager.  He has his days.  My little girl is about 10 so she is starting to behave differently.  10 is a big birthday.  This leaves me with free time now.  So feel free to email any questions about anything really.  

But if anyone is thinking of empowering children then please just be safe and be paranoid.  Bounce the ideas off of someone.  Once this journey starts it is near impossible to start a new direction.  That is why it is dangerous to me.  You could very well hand them all the ammunition they need to rebel against you if you lead them to believe something you never have bothered to try.  So think ahead and determine what words they understand at that moment.  Sometimes being upset lowers your verbal IQ by 50% I think.  Slow that breathing down.  In through the nose and out through the mouth, all slowly.  Helps with all kinds of pain.

Feel free to bend my ear at djginn@hybponline.com

EPISODE 1:  June 2, 2014
Personal POV

What say we kick things off by endeavoring to understand one another.  Since the style prohibits instant communication, shall I go first then?

I have been called many things.  I have had many metaphors used to describe my thinking process.  I am used to people blinking two or three times to process what they just heard escape my warped sense of humor.  But truth be told, some of those descriptions are very descriptive as a point that ties together.  For example, I have been described as a velvet glove that covers an iron fist.  I take that to describe my personal decision to be a pacifist.  It is by choice that I choose to avoid fighting.  But my thirst for knowledge has uncovered so many ways to destroy another person physically, mentally and socially.  So if that velvet glove were to ever come off, let's just say Vegas would get those odds wrong.  But my best description I have ever heard, one that fits me like that glove, is Devil's Advocate.  

I truly do not believe you can have a clear POV unless you know the lay of the land.  Like setting a destination for a trip.  Without a starting point you have no idea what will entail to reach your journey's end would you?  The more perspectives you can add then the clearer the course becomes.  You begin to see roadblocks, detours and delays.  But with perseverance and knowledge you will eventually make it wherever you have set to travel.  

It is an agreed axiom that perception is reality (or defines to some).  Since perception is how we see things then wouldn't behoove us to expand our personal POV?  To be able to see where exists the middle so you can plan what to do with greater confidence.  Many of us appreciate the Devil's Advocate.  Others call them pessimists.  Some just accuse one of being arrogant.  No matter the word, being able to clearly see multiple POV has allowed me to learn a great deal in a very limited time.

For example, my POV:

It still amazes me that people are getting hung up over the level of pigmentation in one's epidermis.  Am I the only one that realizes that human body has produced these variations so the humans in that area wouldn't die from the elements?  Are they saying that because one person's pigmentation is proven superior to another?  This goes on all sides of the boards.  Most people will assume that I am picking on the white people for being racists.  I have seen racism far worse than many would get in the good ole boy belt.  Other countries will gladly perform a racial genocide just because.  Skin color/religion just happen to be great reasons for them to fan US vs. THEM mentality.   
My question to the racists then: 
What if we could perform a long term homo sapiens experiment.  Take 10 families from the plains of Africa - pure hunter gatherers - and 10 families of a temperate zone - a small town of Swedes perhaps.  Take each group and place them in the others climate.  Now just allow those 10 families to intermingle with the others that were transplanted.  Obviously there would have to be some specific education to happen to prevent large scale death from befalling these misplaced beings.  But what if these families in their new environment, only reproducing with the same people to keep the genetics line as a baseline, never left that area for say 1000 years? 2000? 5000?  What would eventually happen to these homo sapiens?  Would there still be a Thor hunting and gathering?  Or would the body realize that pale skin and blond hair will surely be the death of the body?  What about the human body used to constant predictable hot weather and minimal food now being forced to stay indoors more often due to poor weather conditions while eating foods higher in calories for storage as fat?  
So what would happen?  Well if you have had any form of education, ( then you are probably outside the USA)  you understand that the human body adapts.  That is what we are programmed to do with our DNA.

So my POV? Other than I just don't get it?  Mainly that.  Allowing a person who is demonstrating sub par education to make you believe that you are not exactly part of the human race, just because your genetic line is from a different zone on this ball of mud we call Earth, is silly.  Especially when said morons can't even pronounce a word correctly so it is bastardized into a "new" word that has never existed.  
Just a POV.

I get along with everyone at first.  I allow the benefit of the doubt to keep the door of friendship open.  I leave it to the person I am meeting to either close that door or come on through to be a new friend.  It really is funny I guess.  I wouldn't say I knew any <insert skin color here> but I can give you a list of names of the people that I have had the most wonderful pleasure of meeting along the way.

That my dear readers is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  So much more is yet to come to the ether we call the web.  I do hope you will enjoy the read.  More importantly I hope to allow you to discover your own personal Devil's Advocate.  Just ask 'What if...'

*Authors note:
An area is starting to trend among the internet that begs to be brought up as a warning before something bad happens.
I have been asked about self-empowerment.  I am also seeing people in many stages of life using this word as a way to sell items to help others.  I must warn you: Empowerment comes from communication with someone who can listen while still providing directional answers.  Empowerment is a journey two people take.  One is just a guide but opens many doors.  It is the individual learning that must gather the courage to enter the doors that have been revealed.  
Be very careful when it comes to children.  When approached wrong it will cause a great deal of damage that will not present itself until much later in life.  Empowering someone is to ask them to face their fears.  So in order to be a guide on a journey of self-empowerment, one must have control of his/her own fears first.  
As much as I hate to be that "pessimistic" person - too many of you still have yet to face your own fears.  Just because you may write a book or be on a show somewhere doesn't mean you have ever had to face an endless barrage of fears to overcome.  
Like I said before, I do enjoy the descriptions used for me.    

Have a question? Comment? Different POV? Would love to read what you have to say!  Just email me at djginn@hybponline.com.  If it is personal and not for blog posting just make RE: PRIVATE.