My Goal: To provide an amazing gaming event for $25 per person.  Allowing a way so even individuals can make a difference.
What is an UGG and do I need a shot?
Ultimate Gamer Geek (showdown) and variations:
UGGS: 1 day event - usually one game style so there is a "Best of.."
Iron Geek - 36hr non stop gaming-last gamer standing. Points/record in case of a tie.  Friday evening to Sunday morning.
Geekathlon - usually one day event but multiple styles. Console, card and/or table games (Tri-athagamer?)
Charity Gaming - usually a basic party with an extra $5-$10 per person for donation. 
How does this work?
Hotel costs may appear to rise as the party size grows but with just plain numbers of people you can have an amazing event.  And every single event can be $25.  Possibly more or less depending on what people want. 
-Imagine having a gaming event you helped shaped!  And then winning!
Why this way?
Private parties may seem a pain but they do allow a great deal of freedom in planning.  I don't mind the work needed to do beforehand.  Oddly enough I find this part the most fun.  Go figure.
Possible dates:
For anyone and everyone willing to be in Indianapolis, IN for a gaming event - these dates are for you:
April 3rd (past deadline for anything past size lvl 1)
May 1st : deadline: March 31 2011
June 5th: deadline April 30, 2011
July - open date: deadline May 30, 2011
August 7th: deadline June 30, 2011
September - open date: deadline July 31, 2011
October 2nd: deadline August 31, 2011
November 6th: deadline September 30, 2011
December 4th: deadline October 31, 2011
"deadline" is used for any party of 30+ people.  20-25 people can still be arranged but no promises on room availability.
If you have your own group of friends (20+) then possible to have a tailored gaming event.
How do I get more information?
The rest of the information is intermingled with what I need to form a private party for everyone interested.  And to be certain you are not some automated email bot - I will break the email just enough that the dumber auto searching programs will ignore it- hopefully LOL!
If you wish to be added to the email list then send me "add me" to irongeek "at" hybponline "dot" com.  Silly solution probably but if it works who cares?
You should receive a followup email within 24hrs. This will include dates, party breakdowns/examples, how to process (easiest in the world!)
You must be willing/able to attend the event in the city in question (presently Indianapolis, IN).
After the followup email you can decide to fill out your gaming profile or wait.
You can also sign up for the helper option (a.k.a. "volunteers") - a must for larger events.