Personalized Event Planning

My new career created by accident. 
Public events (open to public) under developement:
Geekathlon : sometimes you just need to get your geek on....
  •  one day gaming competition. Audience cheer is a score so bring your best!  Best Fight, Best Beat Down are just some examples of audience vote awards.  In other words,  just have an awesome time!
  • Flexible event allows a wide range of attendees.  From a group of 20 friends to the monster 2400 gamers in a day.
  • Fits with any competitive game
  • Prizes depends on the size of event being tailored tailored.
  • Can be private
Iron Geek - when the real gamers show up
  • Starts Friday and ends Sunday. 
  • Last gamer standing wins
  • Series of games to be played: Video games, card games and miscellaneous table games that take longer.
  • In case of more than one awake the tally of the wins and losses will determine the true Iron Geek!
  • prizes and awards depends on size of event being tailored.
  • Can be private
  • Can be planned into a Geekathlon
The Visitors - a unique dinner theatre experience.....
  • Sorry but the point of this one is the unknown, but hope you like some sci-fi...
  • private parties are best
What is tailored event planning?
Imagine having any size event where you are in control but do not have to work harder than approving the plan as it developes.  It is your event and you know the attendees best so you need to have the final say in any major changes.  More of an experience than a job. 
What can be done?
Pretty much anything.  If you know of a theme that your organization would love to do then we can start from there.  Level of inolvement is on your side.  But no matter what the event will take place and run smoothly.
What about...
Many people have questions that are very singular.  These need to be answered person to person if at all possible. When there is a clear line of communication so everyone has the same vision of how the event will run, you will be ecstatic on the reaction of everyone attending!  Even some of the large gaming conventions (Cons to us gamer geeks) started off as a small group of friends just playing games.
  • Working on a proposal for a family day of fun for a NFP as a fund raising event
  • developing system to allow gamers to attend when their schedule allows instead of missing the event because it happened to be on the weekend you were sick.  I hate waiting till next year for the next in town event.
  • Geekathlon in the batters box after some solutions to some logistical problems have been tested
Tuesday - February 8, 2011
What is close to being "workable" :
  • PvP (translation: player vs. player gaming) based event.  Works very well with console games.
  • Arcade inspired event.  Side by side racing, billiards possiby (space permitted).
  • Table based gaming: from dice games to everyday card games
  • Card style games.  Mainly head to head (i.e. pvp style card gaming - collectible games heavy influence here)
  • One year spot reservation option
  • Easier to predict event dates (still working on the last minute option packages)

more as I go....

Everyone have a great day and remember my motto:
Pay for a party but experience an event!
Peace people!
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