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 HYBP was my publication/gaming business.  It has long since passed as a business entity but the name was just too fun to let disappear!
Currently I am still gaming and designing old drafts I started days gone past.  If anyone out there wants in on making a game for gamers and not corporations let me know.  Here are some folder titles I would love to share with someone:
Thaumaturgy (new RPG pencil&paper first. Unique & Universal combat system and player involvement)
Merc 101 (fighting system for thaumaturgy. Same combat system)
Shadow Walker (yes had to have the under side of society. Same universal combat system)
Globulator chess set (need help in sculpting and casting)
I have also designed some new concepts for a ballroom dance studio.  New system means untapped resource.  Just need a few people wanting to learn how to run it is all.
Nowadays I am a stay at home dad.  Two very wonderful kids, or "Super awesome" as my littlest would say.  When the opportunity arises I sometimes help again in the ballroom dancing field.
For the many who have no idea who I am - here is a condensed list.  Or at least as condensed as it can be.
Game designer/manufactured by hand:
Printing, box design/construction and shrink wrapping on the smaller games.
CAG set - Create A Game game set.  Mix and match the board pieces to build new map whenever you want.  Can combine with other game sets.  Cross game compatibality rule sets available.
J.A.C.O.B. vs. The Diabolical Plan - personalized game designed for nephew.  Kept swirling his hands and saying how it fit his diabolical plan.  Some cartoon somewhere I guess.  CAG set. 
Derek's Toy Chest - another personalized game.  Another nephew.  Simple game of going room to room and picking up the toy matches.  CAG set.
Thaumaturgy 101 - card based game.  Cast spells and slay monsters or knock other players out for a turn.  First to get to highest level and slay dragon wins!  Player loot drops with monsters option for insane treasure.
Contact info: (since I am an old fart and therefore not up on the times) I don't trust automated email programs that look for links.  So if you are reading this then.. yadda yadda yadda
All emails are ""  USE:
djginn - general email to keep in touch with people
irongeek - if wanting to be involved in the gaming side of things
ballroomrevival - if wanting to be involved in the ballroom dancing side of things 
(game list continued)
Salvage Lords - made from scrap boxes, junk mail collage cover and recycled pieces.  CAG set.  Build robots from the scraps of the world.  Fight other players with your simple minded-death first-go-later warbots.  If your group gets wiped out - just grab what salvage you can and build some more!  No limit to number of layers per game.
Assault on Epsilon-Prime - CAG set.  Aliens have taken over a research facility and your job is to kill em all before you get creeped out!  More for younger kids.  No damage but you gain creep points.  Once creeped out you have to start over in the airlock after 1 turn.  You know - to regain your chill.  team missions, tally, races and other game play options.
Globulator - card based game.  High turn over (see globulator rule link) can support 16 players at once.  Alternate reality TV show - Globulator.  You are a gladiatorial amoeba hoping to chew, rip, claw, trample and eat your opponent.  Every nucleus you eat just makes you bigger.  Multi game compatible.
Delphacube - the accidental game.  Had the rule set for a perfect cube comprised of 216 different color cubes. Option one went south due to price, option two had the "helping" hand of someone who didn't have steady hands with a strip saw.  My pieces were not perfect cubes nor squares on some sides.  Cubes wee delivered a week before my first game convention (Con's to us gamers) as a dealer.  After much fruitful worrying I discovered that the cube could be built if you were careful and no one shook the table.  or touched it.  Or sneezed.  Sold a lot of those.
Delphaqueue - poor mans pocket go basically.  More random on the draw but can place to remove your pieces or capture opponents.  First to set amount off of table wins.  Bag of sparklies basically.
Rules only - Games where you can combine simple toys/games.  Deck of cards and some army men - can have yourself an interesting card game!  Great for all age ranges.
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